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Lift E-foil ride
« on: February 27, 2020, 03:22:01 PM »
So I was in the kite/foil shop talking toys and we got on the subject of the wingding things.  I was tell the guys about my issue with riding switchfoot on the foil.  I ride right foot forward and switchfoot/fakie is with my left foot forward.  At the moment I currently dont have a boat driver.  One of the guys mentioned you can just do that on the efoil.  Frigging genius.  The light bulb of the potential went off in my head before the guy could even get a word out.


So I went out today basically to get the benefit of getting the foil up and flying switchfoot.  This was accomplished within 10-15 minutes.   Basically I would get up in my regular stance and then go to switch foot and ride.  This seemed to work out better than just getting up into the switch stance.  I was able to get the feel the first few minutes riding in my regular stance for where my feet should be.  From there it was just keeping the weight on the front of the board while making the switch.  Got to where I could carve in either direction too.  So now to put that to use with the windding this weekend. 

It was 350 for about 90 minutes. Yes expensive. But to me it was very focused compared to riding and crashing for hours trying to do this with a wing.  I was able to focus specifically on flying the foil without worrying about anything else.  It had other benefits too.  I have foiled behind the boat maybe  8-10 times, been on the wing foiling about 6-8 sessions so far, and been in the surf once with the foil.  Riding the efoil in my regular stance gave me the opportunity to get my balance tuned without having a rope or a wing to hold on to as a safety.  I experienced this solo unbalacedness the one time in the surf. Different feeling from the wing and the boat.  The efoil tuned that up right away. My carves were a little wonky in the beginning.  They improved quite a bit by the end just by how much more confident I felt and how the carves felt.   Both regular foot and switchfoot.  It was something I thought I was good with but riding this actually made them much better. The board is a lot heavier than what I ride with the wing or in the surf so I am expecting it to be easier for both of those once I get back on the lighter board.  Efoil weighs about 60 lbs. So after playing on it this afternoon.  This would be a GREAT way to get you up and foiling quickly if you are new and learning.  The foil seemed to have smooth lift and be very controllable with out being jerky.  If you are still learning like me a good way to tune in any errors or problems you think you may be having. 

The throttle control was very easy to get the hang of.  It has an electric governor which was set to about 50% on the board I was using and that was actually fine.  That setting allowed me to basically have the trigger pulled all the way in to reach that full speed setting while still lying on my stomach and get up to a standing position and then a riding position with out ever having to mess with it.

So in summary,  my opinion. The efoil is a great way to learn how to ride a foil.  Also a great way to practice anything you may want to focus on specifically getting better at.


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Re: Lift E-foil ride
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2020, 10:59:55 AM »
Great post!  I would never buy one (just donít have that much disposable income) but Iíd pay to rent one for an hour or so.  I can see where it would help sort out some problem areas without hanging on to a rope. First try ever for me was behind a jet ski. To this day, Iím undecided if it helped much. Fun though, for sure.


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Re: Lift E-foil ride
« Reply #2 on: September 04, 2020, 02:26:24 PM »
Lately there's been a few E-foilers out side the lineup at Dohney and in the harbor too. The one guy has been out there a lot the past few weeks. I ran into him on the beach as he was packing up. His said he was testing out a new prop that collapses when you get on a wave and back off the throttle. It came off, and he had a long slow paddle in. That's why there's no prop on the motor. Here's some pictures.
It's not overhead to me!
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