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Hi Foilman, since you are a learning, you won't be turning very hard for a while, so you may appreciate a fin setup that will be more forgiving.

The sides that come with an Allwave are fine.... unless you lost one of those.

The fin setup I use almost all the time is big sidebites and small center fin.... with very little "rake" (curve or arc)

The big sides hold well and provide drive
The 4.65" center has a short base and lowrake, which allows the board to turn easily, with very little power needed.
and yet I was carving head high waves with this setup yesterday, with zero slippage and plenty of drive.... yet super loose and forgiving.

If your Allwave has a quad option.... you could also try some very small trailers (back fins) around 3.5"

This is the setup I find so amazing these days..... my sides are pretty big... over 5", but not even sure what they are.

The Shape Shack / Re: 14' Open water rocker / bottom shape help
« Last post by TallDude on Today at 08:48:37 PM »
The wet tables are under rated. Glad that worked out. You might try a little direct spot heat. The eps expands when you heat it, but a little more heat and it shrinks. I've never tried it, so maybe make a practice piece on a junker board or a sample piece you make. A safer route would be to put a slice through it side to side then put a couple of pieces glass over it. You'll never see the cut after it's all sanded out. If it wants to pop up, throw wax paper down and put some weight on it.
General Discussion / Re: Catching waves from your “weak” side?
« Last post by supthecreek on Today at 08:29:09 PM »
ha ha.... how's this for quick FRP??

Badger said:
"I think everyone has a more powerful stroke when paddling on their toe side and that's what we tend to use most"

There are no absolutes, only personal preference.... everyone is different.

I always consider my "heel side" to be my strong side.
Regular foot and paddle into 95% of all waves on my left side.

I always paddle in with feet in semi surf stance, which puts my left foot forward, and left of the stringer.
That puts my weight and shoulder over my left foot, on my left side.
I have much more leverage on my paddle stroke, if I am reaching forward over my left foot, with the paddle on the same side.... it is a very strong stance.

and.... call me odd, but I like the paddle switch at the top of a critical drop. ;D
General Discussion / Re: Catching waves from your “weak” side?
« Last post by FRP on Today at 08:07:43 PM »
I am hoping Creek chimes . I think if I remember his strong side is to paddle on the heal side. Hopefully he has some clips so that we can see what he is doing. Creek?

I've ordered several things through Gong and they take about a week to deliver from the day you place the order to Seattle. I've never had any issues with them, as long as the item says it's in stock it should ship.
How about ordering and paying for it July 16th and July 19th respectively...a month before their container was to came in?
Short answer: We're still waiting for them down here in San Clemente.

Contacted GONG on Aug 22nd two days before the wings were supposed to be available according to their website just to make sure they didn't forget about us...they replied that they'd have them on the 27th, and that our order would ship out "soon after that".

Got an email Sept 10th that, "The processing of your order #XXXXXX on GONG Galaxy is finished"...almost two weeks after that still no wings, and the USPS has no idea of where they are either; their guess is "still in customs somewhere". Yippee.  :o :(
Foil SUP / Re: Ke Nalu 970 first looks
« Last post by exiled on Today at 07:21:49 PM »
The 970 comes with larger stabilizer than the 775 and 580, so the one for sale on the site is smaller than what I have.
cnski, I am on the F-One 5m, a 7'8" 31" wide 145L Airstrike and Slingshot Infinity 84 front wing which is 2,066 cm2. I am a light weight at 160 lbs.

I am not sure my low end yet but at gusts of 15 mph I am up and foiling. I hope to test lower than that as I get the hang of it.

In light wind I find it easier to stand on the board and lift the wing out of the water. If there is a lot of wind I can do that knee start technique but I need enough wind in the wing where I get some lift from it to help me stand up and balance immediately. At 15 mph gusts I don't have enough wind when kneeling so it is easier to stand up and grab the wing.

I think that knee start is better for boards that are really difficult if not impossible to stand up on in choppy water without support from the wing at all times.

My board has enough flotation and support that I can stand on it in choppy water with no wing support while getting a drink of water from my camel back.
Foil SUP / Re: Ke Nalu 970 first looks
« Last post by fumaster on Today at 06:04:17 PM »
Ride Report:
Being able to move the rear stabilizer has been great feature. I find it pumps much better in the forward position. I'd like to get the smaller stabilizer in it at some point and see how it goes.

Hey exiled, Does Kenalu make a smaller stabilizer? I only see one option for sale on their website.

General Discussion / Re: Catching waves from your “weak” side?
« Last post by Badger on Today at 05:44:02 PM »
Good point TD, about paddling heelside to avoid dropping in on someone. I'm going to try that next session

My take off stance is the same as yours in the picture when paddling on my toe side but when paddling on my heel side, my feet need to be a little more parallel for more power as Tom suggested. I'm still learning the heelside stroke so I'm no expert at it.

Foil SUP / Re: Foil Videos
« Last post by Beasho on Today at 05:34:44 PM »
Austin Kalama.

Next level stuff . . . . again!

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