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Gear Talk / Re: GoPro Fusion as a paddle cam??? Test Video
« Last post by surfafrica on Today at 02:17:50 PM »
I'm also really curious to see paddle-cam footage with the Revl (and it's rotational stabilization).  Anyone try it?
General Discussion / Re: SUP Paddles - somewhat of a joke
« Last post by exiled on Today at 02:13:59 PM »
Does it come with a lifetime guarantee?
Foil SUP / Re: Cowboy Foil Experiment Thread
« Last post by supuk on Today at 02:03:31 PM »
I think it would be strong enough as is but I would put a fillet there so when you lay the remainder of carbon up it doesn't have to go around such a sharp angle as it will be a potential area of fatigue In the future.
I don't paddle a lot of flat water, but this is more of a fun commute to the surf.

I'll paddle with my GF from New Brighton beach up to Privates, cruising right along the cliffs the whole way.

Sessions / Re: A Couple Shots from Last Week
« Last post by Sup-position on Today at 01:47:21 PM »
How do you like that coiled waist leash ? Is that good for foiling ?

Combined with the waist leash it it the best for me...
Gear Talk / Re: GoPro Fusion as a paddle cam??? Test Video
« Last post by supthecreek on Today at 01:05:50 PM »
Interesting thread Clay.... it's always good to see tech that helps produce watchable video!

This shows promise, especially when they get it reduce to "Sessions" size  ;D

I have the perfect mount for it.... made by wetstuff, years ago.
Now I just have to get Geoff C to finish the modification of the "mast"
I call it the "Road Warrior" mount. No pics till it gets back in my posession.
Foil SUP / Re: Cowboy Foil Experiment Thread
« Last post by TallDude on Today at 01:05:29 PM »
Yeah, I agree with the fillet idea. A lot of stress /moment at that connection. A fillet will reinforce that ? ? 90% ;) Even if it is as large as 1", it won't matter at all once you're fly'n dude!
Random / Re: Post Retirement Jobs
« Last post by SUP Sports ģ on Today at 12:57:46 PM »
Hiring a lawyer is a skill in and of itself. I have dealt with clients who have a bad relationship with their lawyer and the results are usually bad.

If it were me I would first try to find out if I have a personal relationship with any kind of lawyer. Even a divorce lawyer will likely have a friend or know of a reputable firm that may be able to help. Start with any lawyer you know, the price of a beer or lunch could save a lot of headaches. Then follow the referral path until you find one who understands you and makes you comfortable.

Then after you have hired a lawyer and done some work,  their invoice comes - don't open right up. Line up 3 straight shots of your favorite alcohol; drink 2, read bill, and chase with the last. Easier to swallow that way, and never think of a consultants/lawyers invoice in terms of things (like a new board).

LOL...I agree with the first and third statements...however, as someone who has spent several hundred thousand dollars in the IP arena and was successful in a Federal trademark court case against an infringer...I would look for a professional firm who has attorneys with experience and more importantly, successful litigation results right off the bat...they will list their cases on their websites...and, they won't mess around and take your money unless they think your product is legit and it's IP can be defended in court and would likely result in a monetary damage payout, if it should ever come to that...

IP law is very specific...patent, copyright, and trademark law all have their nuances...very expensive arena of law and the costs add up fast...not for the faint of heart...;-)
Foil SUP / Re: Cowboy Foil Experiment Thread
« Last post by blackeye on Today at 12:52:03 PM »

I'm sure I'll put a little chopped fiber and resin to make a fillet but nothing too big. I set the mast in a little fiber and resin and so I hope all that will do me.

Great project so far.

I don't have real life experience on these foils, but the top plate join to the mast seems like the weakest link. Why not have a big fillet there? HD foam or wood, maybe 1" high/wide, maybe bigger, then your final layers. You could fair out the leading and trailing edges of this so it isn't to abrupt, but it will be far less drag than the leading edge of your plate.
Itís a shame they donít seem to have any pics of the bottom of the Nelo on the website (?). I hope this turns out to be a good design, and strong and durable. Iíve had enough of spending a small fortune on race boards where the standard of construction is so poor that you have to ask yourself if itís fit for purpose. If every little glancing blow when racing ends up in a $$$ bill, can a board be considered fit for itís advertised use? Rubbing is racing, as they say.

Each year, I am thinking: "we have so much technology at our fingertips..." and every year, I am blown away at how some companies just ignore communicating on their products. Fewer representatives is one thing, but fewer descriptions, fewer explanations, and fewer photos make NO SENSE.
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