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Gear Talk / Re: review of the 8’10” Sunova Steeze by an intermediate
« Last post by LBsup on Today at 08:20:29 AM »
Hi supsean,  why is sup surfing “pretty damn kooky”?

Glad your enjoying your Steeze.
great review Supsean!    That or the Jimmy Lewis Destroyer shape is probably perfect for Rockaway the few times I have surfed there.

(Actually the best would be a Sup with a plow on the front of it to get through the crowds)

having rode it briefly at a demo- it was a wave eater- but still agile on the wave.  Great 'all terrain' shape.

I also had Hexa Traction on my Sunova Style.  Its a great compliment to the board to keep the great wood look- but let you get on the nose........Glad you are loving it.
Sessions / Re: Stoke session at Doheny on my new L41
« Last post by supsean on Today at 07:05:31 AM »
we all need our personal drones. Nice video, inspired me to get a mount for my old GoPro that i won in a raffle.
Gear Talk / review of the 8’10” Sunova Steeze by an intermediate
« Last post by supsean on Today at 06:53:06 AM »
I really love reading reviews on this site, so I thought I should add my own:

About 4 months ago ago, I purchased a lightly-used Sunova Steeze 8’10” 125 liters 30 inches wide. I’ve found it called a “funboard” shape. It seems like it is a fat longboard. And I love it.

I am coming down from of a Fanatic Allwave 8’9”, which is an inch shorter and 2 inches wider with about 20 extra liters of volume. I thought this board was really slow and "corky" especially when I tried some other boards.  I am an beginning intermediate, or advanced beginner. I am 5’11” and 195 lbs — (90 kg) putting me at a ratio of 1.33 to 1 weight to volume. I started (paddle) surfing a 2 years ago having never surfed before. I can bottom turn, sometimes I think I can top turn, but the crowded Rockaways NYC beach breaks often are swarming with better-than-me surfers on the jetties. 

The first time out on the Steeze, I got killed. There was a lot of chop and backwash, and the short period swell kept me falling into the water. It seemed super tippy and difficult. I took it out the next day, when the winds had died down (as well as the swell) and I did much better. Okay, I can do this I thought. The next few sessions were more challenging with lots of chop, but it was way easier to adjust to than my Allwave was. Of course on the Allwave I went form 187 to 145 liters, while on this board it is 145 to 125.  I upgraded to both boards in the winter, so there is the added weight and constriction of a winter wetsuit to contend with.

I love this board. It is great at catching waves.  Once it get a little push from a wave, its really agile and perky (as compared to my Allwave). It also gets over the white water quite easily. Trimming is fun on it as well, and I have been experimenting with cross-stepping and getting up to the nose on it, as the first owner put hexatraction on the front.  (I really need a bigger fin on the back though if I really want to try and hang my toes). I feel like it has helped my with my technique a lot, as it seems quite sensitive to my movements. I also feel that it never pearls when on a wave, which also might be because I am getting better. I also like the stomp pad at the back. It not only seems to be in the perfect place, but gives me something to grab onto when I am in the whitewater and want to keep my board under control,34113.0.html  Also, really well constructed. Paddle seems to leave little or no marks on it, although again I am getting better at getting my paddle in and out of the water cleanly.

I find that it isn’t terribly forgiving with position. I really have to be in the right spot in order to stand, especially in the chop. I assume that this is also why it is helping my technique so much. I also find that when I am paddling through the chop, it pearls easily, and needs a lot of bracing — I have a feeling this happens as one get closer to 1:1 volume. One more “negative” is that popping up took me a few sessions to figure out: I have to rock the board back a bit to get the nose out of the water before I stand.   

Oh, and the carrying handle. People have complained a lot about the LiftSUP handle. It took me maybe 3 times to adjust. Sure, I would like to have a regular handle when I am out in the water as it is easier to grab in the white-water. But it does really make the board easy to carry, and even with my winter gloves, it isn’t really a problem for me.

Overall I love my Steeze, despite it having perhaps the dorkiest sounding name in surfing. But riding a paddle board in the waves is already pretty damn kooky, so I might as well own it.
Sessions / Re: Last Day of TS Danas
« Last post by surfercook on Today at 05:52:53 AM »
Nice effort. Too bad about the lost footage. Water color looks amazing over there in "Oki". :)
The Shape Shack / Re: No Vacuum bagging innegra experiment
« Last post by Surfside on Today at 05:33:47 AM »
Cool PB. Thanks, I like it!
Did some testing a couple months ago on small chunks of foam. Spray tacked innegra, prewet 2 layers of 4 oz fiberglass making sure each was a little bigger for free laps then did the poor mans bagging. They came out great....we beat them up and cut them into pieces to test strength and see if there were any lamination issues...All Good!
I've used perf film and really don't like the way it leaves rails, nose and tails with all the little ridges. I need some schooling :) I did the tack and hand layup to avoid those little buggers.
Sessions / Re: Last Day of TS Danas
« Last post by LBsup on Today at 01:57:55 AM »
Very cool.  It appeared on a couple waves you paddle on you knees then jump your feet?  Also see you have those claw fins, I recently heard about them.  How are they?
Sessions / Last Day of TS Danas
« Last post by OkiWild on July 20, 2019, 08:38:21 PM »
Yesterday was the last day of tropical storm Danas. Wind was brutal at 20-30kts, making most of the normal spots on the west side unsurfable. This spot faces just enough north to be side-off at mostly side. Very short video with not very good clips...but I do my best. I originally went out at a spot just down from here. A couple of other guys were out on SUP, but were struggling badly with the wind. They were paddling in as I was paddling out. It was solid double overhead, breaking fat with the lip landing about 1/3 down the face, and long crumbling right shoulder. I caught three bombs there, and then it went flat... So I paddled back in to put on a hat and pants (UV protection), changed the GoPro battery, and paddled out to a junky spot (this video), where it was at least shallow enough to break.

Then I noticed that the GoPro was sitting at 1 video... Something happened when I swapped batteries, and the card formatted or something. All previous footage was gone...sigh. Probably the best footage I've shot to date.

Anyway, the spot in the video peaks up on the outside where you can catch it on a SUP, mostly on the knees this day due to the wind. When the tide dropped, it then doubles on the inside reef. One of the clips shows this well, and there's an air drop into the head-high double up. The reef is short and goes deep again on the inside, dissipating energy quickly and making for a short ride. Not a good spot, but better than not surfing. Got a lot of waves, just not very long ones. Met new friends, Japanese paddle surfers down from mainland Japan

When the tide dropped, the original peak I was at started working (but much smaller), but 8 surfers had already taken up residence, so I called it a day. My jaw muscles hurt today from clinching the bite-mount so much...LOL

Anyway, enjoy the wind noise. Not long enough to add music. Thanks for watching

Sessions / Re: Mushy waves North Jersey 7_19_19
« Last post by OkiWild on July 20, 2019, 08:19:19 PM »
Nice! I wish we had some beach break...
Classifieds / Re: GoFoil 29.5 mast NEW
« Last post by supfoo on July 20, 2019, 07:30:52 PM »
All done here. :)
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