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Random / Re: Surfing Quotes
« Last post by Tom on Today at 08:00:59 AM »
And don't forget
Jeff Spicoli: All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine.
SUP General / Re: What to do when caught inside?
« Last post by Badger on Today at 07:26:48 AM »
Yes, pushing down on the tail is key. You put your back to the whitewater, point the board toward shore, and the last second before the wave hits, you push down on the tail. The nose of the board will point up and the wave should pass by without taking it. Having a kick pad helps. It works best with smaller to medium sized boards.

I hold the paddle with one hand put one hand on top of the other as I push down.
SUP General / Re: What to do when caught inside?
« Last post by B-Walnut on Today at 06:57:19 AM »
instead of the tail handle i usually just put pressure on the kick pad. in anything under 6 feet that usually works. Above that and i dpnt want the board near me

Are you normally pushing down on the tail a good bit? I've tried to hold the tail pad, but it gets ripped away fast for me. I'm wondering if I should be trying to push the tail down and underwater?
Random / Re: Surfing Quotes
« Last post by Badger on Today at 05:49:45 AM »
I had no idea who this was! Found a Spicoli (Sean Penn) quote "Surfing is not a sport. It's a way of life - no hobby. It's a way of looking at that wave and saying: 'hey bud, let's party!" "Oh, gnarly!"

When you mentioned Turtle and Rick Kane the other day, I had no idea who they were.

I've known Spicoli since the early '80s.
Gear Talk / Re: Infinity RNB vs Infinity New Deal?
« Last post by Badger on Today at 04:31:52 AM »
The 142 liter RNB has way too much volume for you at 180 lbs and probably would not surf well due to the excess buoyancy. You could go with the 8'5 x 31 x 33.5 liters but even that would be on the floaty side. The 8'8 B-Line would be a better choice and the wider outline might give it a bit more stability than the RNB.

The New Deal is a much more user friendly shape but at your weight, you'd be better off with the 9' x 31" x 125 liters.

125 liters is precisely the correct volume for your weight and 9' x 31" will give you plenty of stability.

I would go with either the 8'8 B-Line or the 9' New Deal depending on your style of riding.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Big Echos
« Last post by Dwight (DW) on Today at 03:31:52 AM »
I would if I could. The line for the first big slicks is stupid long.

Keep a watch on these guys. Last season they had them, when others did not. They show real inventory on the site. Being in Florida, they prebook big sizes.

Foil SUP / Re: Downwind board size and shape. Using a paddle.
« Last post by Dontsink on Today at 03:11:54 AM »
Downwind SUP

This is their specific DW sup foil board.
Compare it to the other wave sups in their line and the differerences are easy to see.

Wave SUP:
Curious  if anyone has one of these Takoon leashes? I am making one and stumped on how the shock cord inside the Dyneema cover is terminated. if you have a closeup pic that would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
I put a Blue Planet Tuttle/track strongbox into my old reliable Kalama board for surfing. That's one seriously stout box, I'm not worried about breaking that thing out. If I do the board will probably be in many tiny pieces. I'll sand it and hotcoat it in the morning. Now I can use both GoFoil and Axis foils with it. I also installed one of blue planet's handles on the bottom. This poor bugger is getting a bit heavy. I got a delam on the top and bottom a year or so ago and I fixed that, which added some weight. I also installed a mast track back when I thought I might try windfoiling. It's probably picked up five pounds with all this amateur hacking. Still a great board though, I'm looking forward to surfing it. My wife insists on reading my little message to myself as "Try Pono Be" instead of "Try Be Pono". That's as close to Pidgin as I get other than saying "Wheah you stay?"

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