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General Discussion General topics about Stand Up Paddle Surfing. 7646 108441
Gear Talk Stand Up Paddle Surfing Gear is changing quickly. What have you tried? How's it working? Need help? Ask here. 7451 97473
Sneak Peeks, Rumors, and Wish Lists This is the spot for info about upcoming SUP products. 61 1100
SUP Gear Reviews / Newly Acquired / On Order SUP Gear Reviews, posts about New Gear (or soon to be new gear) go here 306 4733
SUP Marketplace New Products, Special Offers, Customer Polls, and more. 5 16
Blue Planet 3 30
Ke Nalu 21 262
Sunova SUP 83 1209
Technique How is it done? If it involves Paddle Surfing, Downwinder, Racing, Touring or Training tips, this is the spot. 723 11537
SUP Advocacy Initiatives to further the goals of Stand Up paddling. Access rights, Laws, Ordinances, Enforcement policies, etc. It goes here. Bring your Megaphone. 32 544
Regional Stand Up Paddling near you! Discuss SUP in your area. Find people to paddle with. 167 954
SoCal 257 3039
NorCal 26 140
Hawaii 52 275
NorthEast 263 2626
SouthEast 59 238
NorthWest 29 177
SouthWest 5 14
Midwest 46 270
Gulf States 12 62
British Columbia 15 91
Canadian Prairies 11 40
Ontario 10 32
Quebec 0 0
Canadian Maritimes 1 12
Downwind and Racing Stand Up Paddling where speed, distance and endurance are the whole game. 2337 33377
Flatwater and Touring Flatwater, Cruising and Touring on you SUP. No Waves, Wind or Current required. 244 3791
Training, Diet, and Fitness Get fit for Stand Up Paddling 383 6889
Whitewater and River SUP Gear, safety, techniques and sessions specific to river paddling. 323 1866
Wind Powered Using your SUP board for Windsurfing or Kiting? This is the spot. 167 1786
Foil SUP SUP Foil Surfing, Downwind on a Foil SUP, General Foiling 430 7220
SUP Safety Stand Up Paddle Safety - PFD's, Buddy System, Whistle, Swimming Lessons, Leashes, Common Sense 18 208
Fish Tales, Stand Up style Posts on Stand Up Fishing go here. 142 1069
Sessions Was your last outing too good not to share? Don't hold back. SUP Session stories, photos and videos go here. 2161 16954
Events When, what, where, who's bringing the beer? 1385 8406
The Shape Shack Ready to fire up the planer and shape youself a new Stand Up Paddle Board? Give and get advice on shaping and shop skills. 987 13936
Share the Stoke Stand Up Paddle Surfing with Aloha. 218 2011
Environment All things flow to the sea. Posts on enviromental issues go here. 126 1523
Travel, Trips, Destinations Stand Up Paddle Surfing destinations and travel resource topics. 895 5865
Random Interesting topics that don't fit with the typical Stand Up Paddle stuff. 2251 33111
Classifieds Buy, Sell and Trade SUP Gear. Out with the old...You know the rest. 415 1627