Author Topic: Iíll call it the Dwight 360  (Read 638 times)


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Iíll call it the Dwight 360
« on: November 15, 2020, 07:38:05 PM »
So I wanted to try something sorta new and remember Dwight posting a vid of his version of a 360. Iíd guess youíd call it a jibe going right into a tack giving the 360 effect. I figured it would be fun (and not quite as challenging as the backwinded 360). Anyway had fun trying some today. They are a lot easier than a backwinded 360, especially when youíre seriously powered up. I guess if you delay the tack portion by a few seconds it would just be called a jibe followed by a tack ::).

Speaking of tacks and 360ís, pretty much all my upwind transitions follow a corkscrew patterní; wide carve turn to start, followed by flatter pivot turn to finish. An early regrab on the wing helps pull the board around the last bit of the turn, but for backwinded 360ís and toe-to-heelside tacks I really need to finish the board flat turn with legs driving it. Itís hard on the knees!

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