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General Discussion / Re: The SUP Crossing - Chris Bertish
« Last post by Area 10 on Today at 05:33:01 AM »
Yes, I agree. I know a guy who knows Chris and he tells me he's a great guy and not at all pompous. So I'm sure this is just his website designer getting the tone a bit wrong.

But I think many of us are getting a bit tired of being barraged by requests from acquaintances for financial support for their latest japes, with the justification that it is for charity, when really you know that they are using the charitable aspect just to justify, legitimise, or pay for something they want to do anyway. And then there is the rise in "chuggers", and the dodgy tactics of some charities in targeting potential donors. I think this has perhaps created a certain jadedness (perhaps unfairly) around the whole issue of these kinds of events. Chris's amazing feat is made by the website to look like a way of selling him as a "motivational speaker", and this is no doubt very unfair, but it perhaps taps into this cynicism.

So, if Chris wants to do this kind of thing to prove something to himself, then that's great, and I will cheer him on. But if he then thinks that will persuade me to part with hard-earned cash to hear him tell me how great he is, and how I could be more like him if I only believed in it more, then frankly I'd be more impressed if he had looked after his sick elderly neighbour for the last 10 years, with no fanfare or expectation of reward or adulation. I would pay to hear that person speak over someone who had paddled to the moon and back.

But other opinions are available, for sure. Maybe I'm just a cynical old git.
Downwind and Racing / Re: Board Suggestion
« Last post by ForeverBlue232 on Today at 05:29:04 AM »
12.6 is dead. There's simply no point in not getting a 14. Unless your garage is only 13 feet deep.  ;D
I don't have a garage, I have a shed.  And my 12' fishing board just fits, diagonally.  I have to hang my new (used) 14' race board inside my duplex because I have no other place to secure a 14' board at.  It stinks carrying it in and out each time I use it (it's a tight fit getting through the door without hitting something), but it is what it is.  But I knew I wanted a 14' board, so I found a way to make it work.
Random / Re: What a got damn shitshow. [warning politics]
« Last post by stoneaxe on Today at 05:15:45 AM »
Did you seriously just use media matters as a bias there.. ::)
General Discussion / Re: The SUP Crossing - Chris Bertish
« Last post by stoneaxe on Today at 05:11:11 AM »
Sour grapes? Don't be silly. I wouldn't change what I do to make a living....I enjoy my work. You're welcome to your opinion but it doesn't change my perception of the focus of the website. You don't see a difference in an accomplishment if it was done for passion or to help others or "because its there" vs doing it for the money?
I have no idea of his motivation....I suspect it's because its there and that Bill is right..the marketing folks involved went sideways. No idea..I just know it takes some of the shine off an amazing undertaking in my mind.
It's not just you. I have a 14x23" and no way in hell would I race it. It's for training only, and is never really pleasant to paddle. I can't really get my HR fully up because the instability affects my cadence and ability to commit my whole body to the stroke.

As we all know, weight matters a lot. So does height. And age. Plus build and style of paddling. Some people who are light and slim need to concentrate on minimising drag since the power they generate at the blade is relatively modest. Whereas their more mesomorph colleagues may specialise in getting the power down so need a stable board to keep an even keel while doing so. So it just depends on your strengths and weaknesses I guess. Last year Larry Cain raced the 14x25 All Star rather than the 23 I think, for this reason.

There is also a bit of Emperor's new clothes stuff going on sometimes IMO, or at least, post-purchase rationalisation. And then there are others who just frankly like to brag about how narrow their boards are (often not mentioning actual race results..).

I tried a 21.5" wide board a few months ago. On my knees I could get it to go crazy fast. I couldn't believe the peak speeds I was getting. But once I stood up I did the slowest couple of miles I've ever done on a SUP! I think I was averaging about 3.5mph haha! At least I didn't fall in though... But even on my 23" wide board (or my 14x25) I'm slower over distance than I am on my 28.5" wide one. I think that for me the optimal width/stability ratio is probably somewhere around 26" wide. I'd like to try the 2017 14x26 Naish Javelin in flat water.

ukgm: in pure flat water, how much slower (if any) are you on the Naish Jav than the Maliko over, say, 5 miles? I see you had a recent race success in flat water on your Maliko.
Random / Re: What a got damn shitshow. [warning politics]
« Last post by jpeter on Today at 05:08:49 AM »
Taut,  If you think Hillary got negative press coverage during the election,  then there's not much I can say.   My main point is that if The media was doing their job from day one,  reporting and investigating,  we would not have been in a lesser of two evils situation.   
Gear Talk / Re: Shore Stand
« Last post by Bean on Today at 04:58:10 AM »
Oh crap, I just had one of those, "I could make that" moments...

In the meantime, it's plastic saw horses for me.
Random / Re: Self-Driving Cars
« Last post by stoneaxe on Today at 04:50:00 AM »
In the other thread discussing AI it was said that people will just move to other jobs as they get replaced. What other other tech has ever had the potential to be this disruptive. It's across all industies. Are we are moving to guaranteed income and a weird dystopian future?
An old C-4 Waterman video with Todd Bradly. They were there in 2010.

Port Aransas also has a tanker wave.

Foil SUP / Re: Diy sup foil
« Last post by Admin on Today at 03:39:44 AM »
I'm really  curious about your single foil design, can you post a photo of it please?

Me too!  Delta? 
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