Author Topic: Board progression over my 12 years of paddle boarding  (Read 2219 times)


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Re: Board progression over my 12 years of paddle boarding
« Reply #15 on: October 13, 2020, 06:42:45 PM »
That's a big board for Mo. I've seen him mostly on that tiny red round nose thing. It can't be any longer than 6 feet, probably a lot less. He can make waist high mushburgers look like pipeline on a big day. Just rip hard enough.

Since I started foiling anything that remotely looked like progression for me ended. I wasn't going smaller anyway. I got stuck on a Bill Foote 10'4" production board that can make anyone look good. All my shorter boards started gathering dust.
Foote 10'4X34", SIC 17.5 V1 hollow and an EPS one in Hood River. Foote 9'0" x 31", L41 8'8", 18' Speedboard, etc. etc.


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Re: Board progression over my 12 years of paddle boarding
« Reply #16 on: October 14, 2020, 05:58:59 PM »
This was an awesome video!   Thank you for posting (I know im late to the party here)

I had an almost identical progression.  Rental 10'6 on a non surf hawaii vacation.  go home..buy two 10'10s for me and the wife...relaize my wave count gets ridiculous on the SUP rather then surf,board....

Move into an NYC apt. forced to move to a 8'5 pocket rokect (similar to your hotel move)

Still find better wave count on that than surfing (Now have a kid so get even fewer hours to surf)

and then mirrored your progression right down to where I am today.  2 board quiver. 8' L41 (130L) ST for mushy and or choppy chest high and under surf, and 118l Genration Wedge for bigger cleaner surf (im 215...so i'd bet we match very similarly on guild factor)

only thing i disagreed with?  The riviera nugg is an absolute dog!!  I bought one and thought it would be fun in small waves and my wife would use it (bc it fit in our SUV- she couldnt get the 10'10 on the roof solo) ..and it was terrible. slow, didnt glide, didnt turn....and garbage construction


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