Author Topic: Dropping In with Strong Offshores  (Read 8143 times)


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Re: Dropping In with Strong Offshores
« Reply #15 on: August 06, 2020, 07:45:42 PM »
Will have to try the kneeling approach, as demonstrated so well by okiwild.

FWIW, I will very rarely paddle in on the knees these days. It does get you under the wind, and you can pick up a wave better, especially if it's like 15kts offshore, but it's hard to pop up in the right place.

Your weight has to be forward, so when you pop up, you're usually well forward on the board, requiring a quick move to the back or you'll pearl (in hollow waves), or the board just won't turn because you're standing too far forward, feet in the wrong place, etc. In more critical waves, it was just a mess. You're much later to the rear of the board vs. just paddling in standing up.

So I just started taking out small boards (8'x28"x100L) and learning to paddle them in poor conditions. Sitting in position, and learning to pop up and start digging was way more effective. In strong wind, I find myself in a low crouch, and choking way up on the paddle.

It was very frustrating spending most of the time in the water  ;D but worked out better in the end.


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