Author Topic: Crescent Beach - best session yet, great vibes  (Read 9259 times)


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Crescent Beach - best session yet, great vibes
« on: July 03, 2011, 10:33:55 AM »
I went up Friday morning and caught excellent conditions from noon til six (super sore). Mostly glassy, nice 3-6 ft and super friendly surfers. It was my sixth time out sup surfing (old-school surfer, getting back in and learning this new art).

The wave is a steep beach break and closes out when it gets around head high. Not great for the prone guys.  But I had my newer 8'6" PSH (still making the transition from a 10'6" AA) and was able to a) catch waves early enough to make the fast rights b) have enough speed to outrace a section or two. c) make some shortboard style turns in the steep section of the wave. d) try some really late drops and actually make a few.

This is exactly why I bought this board. Blane, you're the man. After a few sessions struggling with balance and paddling, this was payoff time!!!!

Instead of the surfers being jealous or pissed, they were quick to compliment the long rides and a little surprised. Seems like most hadn't seen a short-board style sub before.

So mentioning spots is kinda kapu up here, but that's b.s.  It's a private RV park/beach, $6 for the day, coin operated hot showers (bring a roll of quarters) and has that friendly we're-all-up-from-Seattle-just-camping-out kind of feel. Those who don't want to pay, stay up at the free section of the beach. So as much as I dislike the whole privately owned beach thing up here, in this case it makes for zero localism. Very nice!

No pics of me, but here's a nice representative shot:


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Re: Crescent Beach - best session yet, great vibes
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2011, 10:40:09 AM »
Wow, I didn't think CB went off like that in the summer.  Definitely not a secret spot so don't worry about spilling the beans.  Other spots in the Straits have more of a vibe to them but surfers, SUPers and kayakers all seem to peacefully coexist at Crescent which is why it's probably my favorite break in Washington.  Nice photo!


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Re: Crescent Beach - best session yet, great vibes
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2011, 05:27:38 AM »
cool Husky-nice photo-love seeing trees in the background at surf spots.
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Re: Crescent Beach - best session yet, great vibes
« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2011, 11:32:58 PM »
great to hear of the session.  i surfed cb twice last weekend with no one around. it was a 3' swell day with a strong NE wind making it's own swell wrapping around tongue pt.  everyone watches the buoy readings thus didn't touch it at that low of a swell.  4' faces for several hours both days, both solo sesssions.

cb does break often in summer, particuliarly with out colder summers of recent years. if not, hit one of several other spots nearby.  you can access the private beach area from the free lot, just be cautions of landing as the nuts who own that beach will take your lic plate down, etc. weird stuff. 

i've seen various vibes there over the years. as a surf kayaker for years, i usually was snubbed by board surfers, but nothing more.  the key for sup'ers is to stay away from others til you can control your board.

per listing surf beaches here, there's a few guys who may send an 'anonymous' note to you, and i probably know who they are.  realistically, when my images have appeared in local travel mags, and i get the usual anyonymous response, there may be a slight bump in traffic there for a month, but then it dies down.  probably as many realized why they hadn't been out since summer - either the cold, hard to predict waves, long drive, or all!

if you want to see more tree line NW beaches, see my site, www.robcasey.net
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Re: Crescent Beach - best session yet, great vibes
« Reply #4 on: July 18, 2011, 04:32:42 PM »
Cresent Beach is nice. Spent 3 hours out there yesterday with waist to head high glass. I felt like a wave hog, as a matter of fact I took every wave I wanted with out a care.  It was just my daughter and myself for 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon. I still felt guilty though!


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Re: Crescent Beach - best session yet, great vibes
« Reply #5 on: July 19, 2011, 02:05:01 AM »
haha. i had the same wave-hog feeling at twin rivers on friday.  it was ultra glassy with long rights peeling all the way to the beach.  as soon as i paddled back out into the lineup, there would be another wave waiting for me.  it was literally one after another (probably 50-60 over four hours).

there were two surfers on the lefts about 30 yards away.  i felt a little embarrassed, but after considering the 6hr roundtrip to get there and back, i decided hawaiian plate lunch rules were in effect: "eat til you sleep. no shame!"  ;D   

btw/ i just got back from paddle up the nisqually delta and across to anderson island. we had an escort of 8 or 9 curious sea lions as we crossed the sound. we also saw dozens of bald eagles near the mouth of the river. i highly recommend the trip. it's about 45min south of seattle. catch the last half of the rising tide on the way up-river then wait for the slack tide and let the river current carry you back down.  down-current both directions!


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