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Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Reedin Super wing
« on: December 24, 2021, 01:49:19 AM »
He has a 5M OR. I think he posts here, hopefully he will chime in.

I'm the person with the OR A Series 5.0 and the Reedin SWX 4.2

I weigh 185 and use the OR if the wind is forecasted to be on the lighter side - for me 14mph is the low end and I can comfortably use this wing in gusts up to 25.

If the forecast calls for winds above 20mph with gusts up to 35, I'm going to break out the Reedin SWX 4.2.

And if it is nuking (30+mph and up) I'll use my Reedin Super Wing 3.6 (NOT the X).

I did a bunch of research before purchasing these wings.  On the lower end of the wind spectrum, I wanted the frame rigidity and light weight that the OR A Series has. Also - watching Tucker's review of this wing - all three episodes (where most equipment gets a short one) - his reaction was telling, the OR A series was something special.  I figured I had nothing to lose (and have ZERO regrets spending all that cash).  I was contemplating getting a 6.0 - but I opted for the wing below instead.  If it is lighter than 15mph, I'll go prone foil in the surf.

As the wind picks up, in my opinion weight becomes less of an issue - I originally was looking to get a normally aspired 4.2 Super Wing (which are also on the heavy side), but the person I get most of my gear from said he talked to Damien and something different worth waiting for would be out in a couple of months.  This 4.2 is going to be my workhorse as it covers the wind range that I find myself winging in most.  I've had three really long sessions on it and it shares performance characteristics with the regular Super Wing ("back hand flying", heavier than other wings, lots of power for its size) - but what makes this such an awesome wing is the X-ply and it being a tensioned canopy.  This is a really efficient wing.  What I had originally feared about the OR A Series was whether it would shed gusts or rip my arms out.  That wing eats gusts (hence my taking it out when I can expect 25mph gusts) so my arms and back don't have to.  The X-ply/tensioned canopy of the X wing transfers all the energy of the wind to you - you feel everything.  I have learned to position the wing for less angle of attack before a gust hits, so I don't take the full brunt of the hit so I've negated that initial concern.  The one thing the X Wing doesn't do intuitively is pump, especially if the wind is lighter in the range.  I find myself pointing on a deep broad reach to get started if the wind isn't on the higher side of the range.  Once up though - these "forward drive" wings (OR is also a forward drive wing) are so efficient and need less wind to stay up on foil.

When it is nuking, I do not want to have to constantly manage the wing to dump excess power.  My original Super Wing 3.6 is perfect for my weight in 30+mph winds.  With the dacron frame and ripstop canopy, it is not as "direct" and super powerful like the X Wing.

I used to have a quiver of Ensis V2 wings - which were great for where I was skill wise at the time.  But as foils evolved to be faster and more efficient, it was inevitable that wings would also follow.  I've sold those Ensis wings (and the F One Swing and Duotone Echo I had previously) but every now and then I pick up a friend's older wing and notice the "early" and "upward" lift they generated came from looser canopies and deeper drafts - these are great for learning as you get up quick and you top out speed wise.

What I'm looking forward to in the next year or so is a 5m with a full Aluula frame and an Allula canopy - that will be the next game changer.  If I could, I would get the two unicorns I have in the garage (OR A Series and the Reedin SWX) to mate and I would have the Aluula framed X Wing.  Light weight, ultra direct, stab resistant and forward drive all in one wing.

I also want to try out the Starboard/Airush Hookipa based wing.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: The ART 999 Thread
« on: December 23, 2021, 11:39:10 PM »
I got a chance to answer my own question today.  My dealer let me try out a 799 and an 899 so I could figure out which one would produce the results I am looking for (high wind, faster, tighter turning version of the 999).

I weigh 185#.  I had a Reedin SW X 4.2 up in 20 gusting to 30 winds.

In the gusts I could get the 799 on foil and I would try and open it up - but my spot has some holes where the wind gets light and the combo of holes, smaller foil and smaller wing made riding to find the top end of this wing challenging.

After an hour I switched the front foils out and had the 899 out in nearly the same conditions with the same wing and rear stabilizer.  The 899 is definitely more user friendly - almost as easy as the 999 - and I am probably stating the obvious but with the shorter span and narrower chord this foil rolls easier, surfs better and is faster.  It doesn't loose much of the low end and still comes down easy as you reach the stall speed (instead of crashing instantaneously like some other high aspect foils).

I'm going to put more time in on the 899, but I can tell this will compliment the 999 (which has much better glide, while still surfing well and is plenty fast).

I don't think the 799 would be practical for someone my weight - if I am out in 30+mph winds I'll likely put up my 3.6, so if I had intended on using the 799, I'd still be looking for the stronger gusts to take it up a level.  Definitely worth a shot if you are lighter looking for a heavy wind option.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: The ART 999 Thread
« on: December 22, 2021, 10:18:36 PM »
Anybody wing with the 799 or 899 yet?

I'm trying to figure out what the low ends of these two wings are (as my flat water spot has a 100 yard stretch before the windline - if I don't have to schlogg the whole time it would help preserve what little sanity I have left).

I think I've topped out the 999 at around 23mph.  I want to go faster and one of these two are in my near term future...

I'm also wondering if they turn/roll easier (but the 999 is already a great turning foil for me - so much so that I am thinking about selling my Takuma Kujiras...).

Sorry - I just saw the 799/899 specific thread -

If you haven't taken off the middle handle and repositioned the front and back handle (to the newly vacated spots), stop what you are doing and take care of that immediately - I did this today and the wing woke up and realized its full potential...

Stock out of the bag, my 5.0 was great when there were whitecaps.  I could not pump the wing because the handles were pretty loosey goosey.  I had used it for a handful of sessions and started looking forward to when OR was going to release the boom that could be retrofitted to the Glide.

After thinking about how I loved the Ensis V2 handles, and looking at the handles on the Glide, I undid the center handle and took the slack out of the front and rear handle by using those connection points - this is a totally different wing now - huge range, awesome "power" (forward drive, not grunty lift), and can pump super easy now.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: The ART 999 Thread
« on: October 20, 2021, 02:19:35 AM »
Are these backordered on the Axis website?  I placed an order for one last week and I haven't heard a peep - I'm guessing it is backordered, but there is nothing on the site to indicate that as the current state.

And while I'm at it - what rear stabilizers is everyone using (previous posts have the 380, the 420 and the 400HA being the favorites.

Any new feedback on the A-series Glide?

Classifieds / Re: Armstrong Equipment
« on: October 09, 2021, 10:45:06 AM »
I'm down to the following:
- HS1050 (new - ridden once)
- HA1125 (ridden three times)
- Flying V stabilizer (new)
- 232 stabilizer
- Chopped 300 stabilizer
- 300 stabilizer (new)

Classifieds / Armstrong Equipment
« on: September 30, 2021, 12:03:16 AM »
I love this stuff, but moving on to try out different systems (you stagnate if you don't continuously change right?).  DM if you want pictures of any of the listed equipment.  I'm on Oahu - buyer to pay shipping (but if you buy multiple items, I'll work with you). 

CF800                   Excellent      $200       Tow or Kite
CF800                   Excellent      $200       Tow or Kite
CF1200                   Excellent      $250       Chest high + surf; kiting
HS1050                   Essentially New   $550       Chest high + surf; kiting
HS1250                   Essentially New   $600       Waist high + surf; high wind winging; kiting
HS1550V1                   Excellent      $575       Thigh high + surf; Winging in surf
Chopped HS1550V1   Good              $550       Thigh high + surf; carving in surf like a short board
HS1850                   Excellent      $650       Light Wind Winging; small wave surf; SUP
Chopped HS1850   Good              $550       Light Wind Winging; small wave surf; SUP
HA925                   Excellent      $800       High speed winging; high speed surfing
HA1125                   Excellent      $700       Winging; medium surf
Chopped 300           Good              $160       looser, but good lift
Chopped 300           Good              $160       looser, but good lift
300V1                   New              $180       good hold and lift
300V2                   New              $220       faster than the 300V1
232V1                   Excellent      $200       faster than the 300V1
232V1                   Excellent      $200       faster than the 300V1
232V2                   New              $220       faster than the 232V1
Nico 15"                   New              $230       Really fast tail with a surprising amount of lift for its size
KD 13"                   New              $230       Used once
Flying V                   New              $230       Used once
70 cm V1                   Good              $250       0, +1 Shims included in price
60 cm V1                   Excellent      $300       0, +1 Shims included in price
60 cm V2                   Excellent      $400       
72 cm V1 (A+ mod)   Good              $600       Prone surf foiling; winging in shallower water
95 cm with Base Plate Excellent      $600       Wing! Generation before the integrated base (stronger if you ask

Thanks for looking!

I wing foiled the 925 yesterday at Hickam Harbor.  This is the fastest foil I've been on.  I had a 5.2 Ensis pumped up.  I was purposely in testing mode so I did not go out to Firsts and just mowed the lawn. 

Based on this limited time on the 925, I would say the HS series foils are more user friendly for those situations where you don't want to spend time concentrating on your foil (riding head high + waves) - but if you want to explore the upper end of the speed realm, this is the one to go to.  That said I have not winged with the HS1050 (but based on prone surfing it, but for me there is only a slight difference between the HS1050/HS1250/CF1200), so I still can't comment on that comparison.  And the wind is shutting down for the next week....

Time to prone!

I've prone surf foiled it at WPB.  It is not plug and play like the HS1250 or 1050.  It may be me, but it is twitchy in pitch and roll. 

I've prone surf foiled and wing foiled the HA1125.  That foil is a bit more stable (funny because lined up there really isn't that much difference in span, chord, thickness, etc between the 1125 and the 925 - it is just a slightly smaller version of the 1125), and it handles the lulls.

I need to spend more time on it prone foiling and get it out on the wing.  If you don't have an HA1125, definitely get this - using the HA foils helps expand your skill set - just don't expect your first sessions to be game changers right away.  You'll have to learn to fly these as they aren't the same as what you are using now.

For reference I weigh 185 and I change up my wing size depending on the wind speed (5.2 most days, down to a 3.6 when it is nuking).  Also, the front foil I use the most is the HS1550 with a chopped 300 stab.  Prone foiling I use the HS1250 and the CF1200 (and a chopped HS1550).

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Mast length
« on: July 13, 2021, 12:24:41 AM »
On Armstrong:

I prone foil with a 72cm mast - even in bigger surf I don't breach.

I wing foil with the 85cm mast.  I normally ride with the foil close to the surface (its more exhilarating) and every now and then I would lose it (I believe its the rear stabilizer breaching through chop and not the front foil).  I found a 95cm mast on Craigslist and got a good deal on it.  Wing foiling with this 95cm mast allows me to ride at the same height above the surface I was with the 85cm - but the foil is another 4" underwater/chop.  I have never breached with this setup and I'm riding in waves and wind on Oahu.  I don't have a problem pumping any of these setup.

On Go Foil:

I prone the 24.5" mast + 3" track adaptor (for a total of 27.5").  In waves over chest high have breached this - and at times it has been frustrating. 

I wing with the 29.5" mast + 3" track adaptor (32.5") - and again I occasionally breach this setup (usually in choppier conditions).  I just got one of those aluminum 5" tuttle extensions, but haven't tried it out yet.  That would get me to 37.5" of mast.

One of the riders at my local break uses the 40" Go Foil mast - and he is still trying to get more height (he is a sponsored Go Foil rider).

Everyone has their own comfort zone - but if you are pushing your limits and find yourself  breaching - I would say get a taller mast.

When I was figuring out the HA1125, the first place I had it mount produced that dolphin up and down effect.  I pushed the mast all the way forward and that cured it.  I also used a bigger rear stabilizer (uncut 232) with one 1 degree red shim (fuselage is 60 A+) on a 95cm mast and it came together for me.

I'd start with pushing the mast all the way forward.

Don't give up on the 1125 - once you figure it out it is really fun.  I will say if I'm going to be out in waves, I'll gravitate more to the HS foils - they just takeoff a little easier and helps me get out of sticky situations that much easier.

Classifieds / Re: F One 4.2 Swing (V1)
« on: February 16, 2021, 06:08:13 PM »

Classifieds / F One 4.2 Swing (V1)
« on: February 15, 2021, 08:45:33 PM »
Excellent condition - no issues with anything - no pukas, no repairs, seams intact.  $375

Buyer pays shipping (from Oahu).  If on island, I can meet you.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / New Duotone Wings
« on: January 26, 2021, 11:33:39 PM »
Anybody have some intel on when the new Duotone boom-strut hybrid wing is going to be available?

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