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General Discussion / Re: I forgot how much fun it is...
« on: January 21, 2021, 03:43:30 PM »
It sounds like you are surfing "The Slide" below Princess Street in the actual Cove.  Its extremely rocky at low tide and I have reef rash scars to prove it.  It can be a really fun place when the surf comes from the right direction and is not too big ~ 6'. There are big reef rings on the surface you use to line up with the slide like a gunsight and then go right, when close in, if you go left the rocks will get you sooner or later.   You probably know with huge surf the south side of the cove attracts huge crowds,  I used to do it, but broke too many pieces of equipment and I'm too old now to want to go to an emergency room in Covid times.  Until 2020 I used to surf close to there three or four mornings a week, but with all the crowds of tourists I surfed there for the first time this morning since  a few days before Christmas, waves were tiny but it was sunny and the water very clear.  I'll wave my paddle if I pass someone next time.

Foil SUP / Re: North County San Diego foil spots
« on: September 26, 2020, 02:39:32 PM »
Sorry.  There aren't any really.  You'll find the locals not very welcoming.

I've seen your video posted on the front page of the website www.paddling.com.  It's mostly for kayakers but it has a lot of content for SUP and a subsection of the bulletin board for SUP ( doesn't get many posts though.)

The flip side of the bike boost is now garage thieves are roaming neighborhoods near me, looking for an open door, or unlocked side door.  A few bikes have been stolen while their owners were just a few feet away.

I have not seen a lot of SUP surfers out on the water.  I only get out about once a week now, because the local government  in San Diego county has kept all parking lots at beaches closed. There are a few spots where if you know the area you can park early in the morning and paddle/surf. I'm actually seeing a lot less people out on SUPs.  Getting out once or twice a week gives me something to look forward to, and clears the mind,  I feel a lot healthier since the lock down relaxed a bit.

SUP General / Re: Surfboards (Longboards)
« on: May 15, 2020, 05:42:27 PM »
If you are looking at getting a board shipped from California you might as well look at  Infinity (Dana Point) and Walden (Ventura).  I keep getting ads from them saying their boards are on sale.  Hard to go wrong with them. I have a Walden Magic Model, it's pretty fun.  Honestly just to get out in small surf you could get a Costco foamy and just have fun.

SUP General / Anyone paddling yet in Encintas / San Diego?
« on: April 27, 2020, 07:20:32 PM »
I'm waiting for them to open something besides Moonlight and open up parking so you don't have to walk next to 500 people through a neighborhood to get to the water. I wish the state would open Sea Side and Cardiff Reef Lots with rules about parking right next to another car.   The parking in neighborhoods is problematic and probably increases exposure.   We have  lots of walkers in our neighborhood, I think if they could use parks and beaches it would thin things out a lot.

I checked out some webcams and it looked like most folks were following the rules in San Diego, except Windansea and some spots in Pacific Beach (not really a big surprise.)

SUP General / Re: Paddle in Place
« on: April 27, 2020, 07:14:47 PM »
Thanks for the vicarious paddling.  That rock looked like Godzilla rising up to take Tokyo.  Enjoy the surf time with your daughter,  my son lives 500 miles away now and we only get out together once or twice a year.

Random / Re: Encinitas stay at home protest
« on: April 21, 2020, 12:25:56 AM »
Most of the protesters in Encinitas were not from Encinitas and I doubt most of them were surfers.  Organizers from LA area, Riverside, East County  and El Cajon political groups. Check out their facebook profiles.

Most surfers I know in Encinitas want to get back on the water, but we want to do it safely and in an organized manner.  That probably means not letting Zonies and other virus carriers into our parking lots.

SUP General / Re: Paddlefest Santa Cruz
« on: December 15, 2019, 01:32:26 PM »
Santa Cruz Paddlefest started as a Surf Kayak competition many years ago, SUP events were added several years ago.  I've surfed in the kayak competition a couple of times.  Sometimes what they call the "B" site (novice and intermediates)  is not well run YMMV.   Events are pretty much dominated by central california paddle surfers who have the advantage of surfing steamer lane more than for just a few short hours before the events.  Like any surf event the excitement level depends a lot on the size of the waves.  My first year the surf was huge and the organizers almost canceled the event.  Big waves are more likely than smaller waves, and even the B-site can be intimidating with huge surf.  Sometimes the surf is tiny and it becomes a battle for who can catch and perform on knee bangers.  In any event I've always found it fun to watch and catch up with my paddle surfing friends.  If you are coming to get some surf time and you are a novice, it's good to have a plan B for where to surf.  Cowells can be OK when it's huge, but it will also be crowded.   Linda Mar (Pacifica State Beach)  up the coast about an hour can be a lot more manageable for novice / intermediate surfers.   Bolinas which is much further north, but a beautiful drive up the coast can also be good when the surf is huge.  Parking can be  an issue, check online for suggestions.  Parking in Santa Cruz sucks, and the local laws are not very friendly to outsiders.  Also be aware that Santa Cruz still has a reputation for having the unfriendliest surfers in California.  If you are a novice /intermediate best to stay away from Steamer Lane except during the competition.

Random / Re: How long is your ride to the water?
« on: November 24, 2019, 07:39:35 PM »
I live a couple of miles from some of the best surf breaks in the country.  When I first moved to Encinitas it took me about 10 minutes by car and could ride my bike safely to some of the  best spots.  Over the last 20 years Carlsbad and San Marcos permitted massive development and funneled the resulting commuter car traffic into Encinitas. No longer safe to ride to the beach.   If I leave my house before 6:00 AM I can get to the beach pretty quick, but now there is construction blockades to cross major parts of I-5 things slow down.  That 10 minute drive to the closest break has turned into 30 minutes later than 6:00 AM.  My favorite spot could take 45 minutes if you left at 9:00 AM.  I acutally end up surfing in Lajolla area a lot because it was close to my office and I know the breaks and other surfers.  That takes about 45 minutes one way, using back roads to get around I-5 traffic.  So I can surf 20 miles away from house just as fast as someplace 5 miles away.  The Joy of California Traffic.  At least I don't live in LA. 

SUP General / Re: Just another day in Santa Cruz!
« on: June 16, 2019, 10:49:09 PM »
Wow, the waves in San Diego, haven't even been big enough to surf lately let alone worth throwing punches and or/surfboards.  Why can't they just slice each other's tires like real santa cruzers.

I have not surfed Kauai since the SUP fad boomed.  Honestly  I was surprised that there are not a huge number of surf breaks that are really really good.  We went once at the end of the summer and breaks on the north shore were very small, east shore was very windy.  Breaks on the south shore were OK.  Lots of them have some dicey reefs in very shallow water when the waves are smallish, so even though there are small waves, I'm not sure I would rate it for beginners.  If you ask around and scout around there are some nice spots to be had.  A real beginners break is Nahwilili (sp) bay, if long slow rollers are coming through.  Near PKs there are several decent spots.  Locals know lots of nice spots west of Poipu, some of them are listed in surf guides and some are not.  Pakala is one of them.  Only locals the day we were there were hammerheads.   We were warned about really bad localism since we were surfing waveskis, but mostly found curiosity from the locals. Not sure what that will be like on a SUP.  The first time I saw someone really ripping on a  SUP, we later found out was Laird Hamilton.  Hanalei (sp) is probably pretty small in the summers but that made it a really uncrowded mellow wave when we were there. YMMD.   The nice thing about Kauai ( if you plan around morning and evening commuter traffic) is it is still pretty undeveloped with lots of really cool non-surfing activities if you get skunked by the wave gods.   River Kayaking, amazing hikes, Napali Coast Kayaking, mountain biking, etc etc.

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: Any hints for Montreal trip?
« on: May 05, 2019, 09:39:57 PM »
My son used to live in Montreal, and his former girl friend signed us up for surf lessons on the St Lawerence.  This was using a regular fun board stand up surfing.  Although I had long boarded a bit and done a lot of kayak surfing river surfing on a short board was hard.  That being said I would encourage you to take the introductory lesson from KSF organization.  There is a very nice park and rental facility in the LaSalle Neighborhood on a fairly calm arm of the St. Lawerence with a mild rapid that is great for learning to surf.  You can also rent SUPs and paddle on the calm sections of the river.  Email the folks at KSF and tell them what you want to do and they can set you up with a rental SUP and guide you to a calm flatwater spot if that's what you want, but I would encourage you to try river surfing at least once. Here is a link to their web page ....

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: Mellow Wave Destinations
« on: May 02, 2019, 09:00:51 AM »
Honestly San Diego is not very good in the Spring, lately we have coastal eddies all spring that generate onshore winds.   NW swell is dying out and the southern hemisphere has not picked up yet.  San O is pretty much dead unless we get a good pulse of swell.  The May Grey came early this year and the last two years we have had fairly major rain events throughout the spring.  After a rain storm you don't want to surf at places like Cardiff Reef or Tourmanline and some other mellow spots because of serious bacteria levels in the run off.  Costa Rica, Maui or New Zealand sound good to me.

SUP General / Re: Fin Cam
« on: April 30, 2019, 08:11:30 PM »
I saw a guy with a gopro mounted in his center box running quads.  I thought maybe he was trying to film our local leopard shark colony.

SUP General / Re: Elbow pain
« on: April 30, 2019, 08:08:35 PM »
You can also just use surfboard wax, works just fine if you choose the right wax for water temps.

I also learned to open my grip when pushing the paddle first with the top hand then with the bottom hand during the recovery portion of the stroke, hard to explain how to do it, but once you get the feel it helps keep the tendons from overtightening. The compression bands work for ECRB pain but not a good idea to overdue and keep paddling while it hurts. 

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