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It's my understanding that Moses will be offering the two larger boards (painted red) of the three noted in the attachment below.  No idea what the price will be but they should be competitively priced.  The 98 litre board looks interesting to me.  I'm not sure about the weight -- seems too heavy to me.

These foils look interesting -- especially for winging (speed and glide).

Long interview with Robbie Naish.  He talks about winging a couple of times.  Check out the discussion around 1:38:00.  Also, he talks about the state of the industry.

Personally I prefer a boom and I'm currently using 4 and 6 metre Wasps with a carbon boom and prefer it to the Wasps with just handles.  I also have a 5 metre Duotone Echo.  At the moment I prefer the Wasps with boom to the Echo but this may change.

Here's a comparison of the Hot Wings Maui wing (centre strut + boom) and the V1 Duotone (boom with no centre strut).  The V2 Duotone was a definite upgrade so the comparison isn't 100% fair but it does show just how well wings with centre struts + boom do work.

I have to say if the Hot Wings Maui wings were sold locally where I am I'd definitely take a close look.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Foil recommendations
« on: September 06, 2020, 07:58:53 PM »
I have access to Slingshot, Armstrong, Moses and F-One foils.

I have been using Slingshot foils (i76, 84 and 99) for wind foiling and I'm now getting more and more into wing foiling.

Would moving to Moses (1100, etc.), Armstrong (1850, etc.) or F-One (Phantom series) be an upgrade?

I do not foil in waves, only in small swells and at flat water locations.  I only have about six or so serious sessions wing foiling but have become addicted (a little more to the wing than the sail -- still love wind foiling).

Thanks for any help.

Here are the first two of Gunnar's wing reviews -- the Wasp and the Gong Plus.  Hopefully there are more to come.

Even though Gunnar is sponsored by Ozone I find these reviews to be pretty unbiased -- he points out the pluses and minuses of each wing.

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