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Random / Happy Birthday Creek!
« on: April 20, 2021, 09:37:49 AM »
Happy Birthday to the most stoked surfer on the planet!  You inspire us all Creek and entertain us with your videos and informative posts.  Have a great Birthday and many more.....

I own the original Duotone 4m and 5m with booms and one Unit 6m no boom, so it’s hard for me to compare.  The Unit has a lot of power and wondering how much more power an inflatable strut adds versus same sized wing with the boom set up?

I ask because I am thinking of buying a 5m Duotone Unit for travel and wondering how the power would compare to my Duotone 5m with boom?  Hopefully it will be more powerful with that inflatable strut catching a lot more wind.  I don’t want to travel with 2 wings if I can help it


Travel, Trips, Destinations / Pavones, CR home and spa for sale
« on: March 05, 2021, 09:33:16 AM »
A good friend of mine has listed his oceanfront property in Pavones, CR for sale.  I posted this before but didn't have a price.  He is asking $630k  Its a lovely spot with many, many amenities.  He's done all the work all you have to do is enjoy it.  It also happens to be at one of the premiere surf breaks in the world which is a plus...

I am currently riding a Fanatic AERO 2000 foil with LONG FUSELAGE

I am now making most of my gybes and feel really comfortable and confident in winds from 12 mph to 30+.  I have a feeling my larger 2000 foil is slowing me down in high winds. It gets me up in minimal wind, but I think maybe in high winds it is not ideal. I want to go faster.

I want to stick with Fanatic and just change out front and rear wings and not buy new mast and fuselage.   I currently have the long fuselage 80 cm. ..will that fuselage still work if I switch out to a 1750 high aspect foil?  Any reason to get a shorter fuselage?   Thanks as always

Thinking about buying a Fanatic 5’4” foil board.  I currently ride the 6’6” 115 liter Sky Sup foil board and like it, but feel I could shorter,  I weigh 180 lbs and am advanced surfer , windsurfer and SUP surfer so I think I could handle 5’4” and 95 liters but not certain.  Ideally I’d like the 5’8” Fanatic @ 110 liters but they are in short supply...

Thoughts?  Anyone riding the 5’4”?    Thanks in advance

Probably a dumb question but you never know. Does anyone know if the original Duotone boom will work with the new Echo wing?  I have asked this b4 in an e mail to Duotone but got no reply

Ok so with my windsurfing background, I have no problem riding switch stance in either direction on my wing foil board.  My issue has been switching stance during the gybe.  I make 90% of my gybes, however that’s because I drop off foil and just swing around and then switch stance and get back on foil.  I just cant seem to switch stance while on foil without a spectacular crash.  Pissing me off to no end...

I have tried many times to ride backside after the gybe and made many gybes on foil that way, but could not keep on foil once I started riding backside or heel slide or whatever you kiters call it.

When is the best time to switch stance during the gybe? Seen a few different methods on YouTube, none of which have been successful to date...any pointers appreciated.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Duotone Unit 6m feedback
« on: December 17, 2020, 10:35:22 AM »
After months of winging almost exclusively with the original Duotone 4m and 5m wings, I bought the Unit 6m a few months ago.  until yesterday I had not tried it because either the wind was too strong or not strong enough (so I thought).  I learned yesterday this wing is great for light winds!
I was on my Fanatic Sky SUP board with Aero 2000 foil.   From my windsurfing days, nothing I hate more than shlogging in light winds, and I was a little nervous that would be the case yesterday.

It was reporting wind 13mph gusts to 17 yesterday and as I drove to my wing spot, I was afraid the wind was not that strong as the water was flat and calm.  I un packed and pumped up the Unit anyway.  Top quality wing, seems really well made although the dump valve reminds me of a kid's raft or beach ball and I hope it's more durable than that.  The minute I stood up on my board, I immediately felt the pull from this wing.  SUCH a different feel than the Duotone with boom. The instant pull was obvious and after a pump or two, I was up on foil in some very light winds which previously I would have thought too light.

This UNIT wing pumps easily, is so, so light compared to the Duotone 4m and 5 with booms.  Pumping those Duotones was a floppy mess compared to the solid feel of the UNIT.  The handles felt great too and hand transitions were easy.
In marginal winds, keeping the original Duotones aloft was tiring, especially for my shoulders, but I barely felt the weight of the Unit.  I rode for 1 1/2 hrs and loved every minute of it and was never  tired.  I only dipped the wing corner 2 times but quickly recovered before any wipe out.

Packing the Unit back up was the toughest part of the session and no way I will ever fold it and pack it to fit in the bag like it came. 5" of it is sticking out.  Why can't these manufacturers made a more generous bag? 

I am thrilled with the performance of this wing, and I will probably look for buy a couple of the smaller sized wings in the future . 

Random / Pavones Costa Rica Spa for Sale
« on: December 07, 2020, 09:19:18 AM »
My friend is selling his home/spa/resort in Costa Rica.  It's an amazing place and perched just above Pavones...he asked me to spread the word.....not sure of the asking price, but video has contact information

here is your chance to own a place in paradise at one of the premiere surf breaks in the world.

I don't even know if people buy used wetsuits, but I have a lightly used (maybe 12 times over 6 years)
4.3 O'Neil Hyperfreak full suit in XL.  It comes with detachable hood as well.  Chest zipper.

Really warm and flexible. I had not worn a wetsuit in 30 years when I bought this for a winter in Maine, and it's warmth , comfort and flexibility blew me away.  I was used to beaver tails and arm pit rashes. Wore this in 30 degree air and 34 degree water and along with booties and gloves, I was warm and comfortable.

The wetsuit is in good to very good condition.

I am in southern Maine

Classifieds / Yakima SUP PUP racks $50.00 southern Maine
« on: October 17, 2020, 12:31:20 PM »
I have a set ot Yakima SUP PUP roof racks $50  I am in southern Maine and they are in box. I can ship and you pay for shipping.

Great condition however on one of them the integrated tie down strap clamp's spring broke so the teeth won't grip the strap very tight.  They still work fine. I put the rack with the broken spring as the rear rack and would tie a knot in the strap and it worked fine.  If I went on a highway, I would add an additional strap, but for local and around the town trips, the racks are great.

They fit a variety of cross bars, factory installed , round, flat, aerodynamic.  I love these racks and got another set to replace these.

Maybe one of you have the patience and ingenuity to fix the clamp..I don't

Jimmy Lewis Kwad With SUP Sports heavy duty travel bag $700.00.  I am in Southern Maine ( KITTERY) pick up or close drop off only

Jimmy Lewis Kwad in Lime/yellow
8’7″x29″x4″ (115L)

This is a great SUP for someone who wants to go shorter but not lose stability. This board is plenty stable yet surfs very well and is very maneuverable.   I am 6 ft 180 and this board floats me great and catches waves very easily.  It comes only in 4 fin configuration..  It is the Jimmy Lewis Classic Construction which is very durable.

Board is rarely used and in Very good condition and a high quality travel bag comes with it.

Classifieds / SIC X14 Pro with custom travel bag $900.00. Southern Maine
« on: October 16, 2020, 04:22:33 AM »
Moving sale....SIC X14 Pro with FCS travel bag $900.00
I am in KITTERY, Maine ( Southern Maine) pick up or close drop off only.

Super fast board. SIC's full carbon SCC construction. Extremely light weight and FAST.
This is a rocket ship of a board, especially in calm water. This board cuts through water effortlessly.  At 26” wide it is a little less stable in side chop, but in calm water plenty stable, and what you sacrifice in stability this board more than makes up for in speed. 
Comes with high quality FCS travel bag .

• Construction: Carbon Composite (SCC)
• Length: 14'0"
• Width: 26"
• Weight: 23.0 lbs
• Volume: 253 L

condition: Good condition, nose slightly damaged in shipping professional repair.
make / manufacturer: SIC

Classifieds / For Sale L41 Bruce Wayne 8'10"
« on: September 21, 2020, 11:23:00 AM »
For sale 8'10" L41 semi custom  Bruce Wayne SUP.
8'10" x 30" x 4.49"     130 liters
Carbon step down rails and carbon stringer
Notch swallow tail
Multiple fin options, comes with quad fin set up.
FCS deck pad, handle and fin boxes

Ridden just 2 sessions s  I knew early on this board was too big for me.  I still can't part ways with my Hobie Raw as my go to board.

This is a beautiful board with solid bombproof construction and highest quality components.  Almost Brand new A+ condition and comes with custom Vitamin Blue board bag
asking $1500   located in Kittery Point (southern Maine) Here for another month then head to Florida.

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