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Re: 2017 SIC Maui Catalog
« Reply #15 on: September 22, 2016, 07:08:13 AM »
It looks like Flow Sports have done there usual bang-up job with the proofing of this catalog. Not only are there typos all over the place, the volumes/widths of the Bullet 17s V1 and V2 don't make a lot of sense.

It's comical, really. Every year at around this time we can rely on two things:

1. Starboard will come up with some ludicrous over-inflated marketing guff.

2. Flow Sports will produce a SIC catalog that is full of mistakes and we will all spend the next 6 months trying to work out the truth.

Absolutely - and they ain't the only ones who get it wrong. Amazed that the folk who manage their marketing don't get booted...or maybe they do on a yearly basis.

Offshore - one of my fave DW vids that one.
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