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Message for Surfingsports
« on: May 08, 2012, 07:31:12 PM »

  Hey Wardog... you ride a lot of sup boards.  How about talking about your favorite three boards to sup surf and why they are your favorites?  I guess I'm mostly interested in "Surfability, stability and a board that can be surfed in varied conditions.  Might as well add in the length, width. make and construction of your three favorites.

I was going to telephone and find out about this but I thought the forum might want to know also.

Thank You.

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Re: Message for Surfingsports
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2012, 07:24:57 AM »
Aloha Will,
Fortuitously, I do normally have 3 boards in my Sprinter...all carbon...all hand shaped customs...all set up with my custom bamboo quad 8'6" Jammer...9'4" 6 channel Groove...and, a 10'3" Mahalo gun...

My SUP, sailboard, and surfboard quivers are constantly evolving...I know that yours are , too...

Prolly best to get a hold of me directly to discuss the nuances of my SUP board designs...especially, since we've had these conversations previously and I know a bit about your background and would be able to compare and contrast...

Perhaps, noteworthy...recently, I have added a 4th board...full summertime fun shop manager, Guy, has also added one...the new Exocet Evo...a sailable SUP...

A recent trip to your neck o' the woods reminded me how fun it is to chill at the lake, sailing and paddling when the coast is fogged in...

Longboard sailing is fun...used to do it often with my original 11'11" Big Red...

This board will act like a longboard for me in ankle biters...and, have more glide in flatwater / open ocean distance runs, than my high performance 10'3" gun...and, also be a light air wavesailing bob & catch machine...

It will also tide me over a few weeks, while I'm waiting for our new 11'11" One World Surfari...which has prompted me to put my 14' Bark custom Expedition up for sale...

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Re: Message for Surfingsports
« Reply #2 on: May 12, 2012, 10:15:40 AM »
Quite a cool set-up in that Sprinter!
Taller than most, shorter than others.


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