Author Topic: Rocky Racks wall racks (for board storage)  (Read 3864 times)


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Rocky Racks wall racks (for board storage)
« on: November 06, 2007, 04:09:15 PM »

I have been using this wall rack to get my SUBs off the ground, and it works great.  The posts and arms are made of high-density metal (steel?) and the arms are well padded. 

I have it placed high on the wall so my SUBs are stored overhead.  I currently have 2 SUBs on this one rack and it's solid as can be (just make sure to bolt it into a stud or equivalent.  I learned the hard way that drywall anchors don't exactly do the trick.) 

The 2-board version that I'm currently using: http://www.rockyracks.com/surfracks/2-90.htm
I like this model because the arms stick out at 90 degrees, parallel to the floor; I only have to slide my SUB to get it down (rather than lift it out of an angled holder).

There's also 3-board version:  http://www.rockyracks.com/surfracks/3-90.htm

I used to stack a few of these and keep all my boards on one big wall. I have since relocated my shortboards elsewhere, but for anyone who needs a one-size fits all solution, these work great for me.

Of course, Rocky Racks make different style racks from the same material. Check em all out here: http://www.rockyracks.com/surf.htm


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