Author Topic: Ultralight Board II SUP Foil Bumblebee  (Read 6041 times)


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Re: Ultralight Board II SUP Foil Bumblebee
« Reply #30 on: September 14, 2023, 11:13:59 AM »
Yes!  Beasho was using Gorilla Glue to laminate fibers.

The dream was that Gorilla glue would be more accessible, and faster given its 1 part nature.  AKA no more mixing epoxy for perfect cure . . . .

My first board I used Gorilla Glue to laminate the majority of the nose and tail.  On this board I used it on the tail.

The good news is that it worked.  The downside was that it tends to set up too quickly, making it a bit hard to work with large patches of fiber lamination.

The other benefit is with Ding Repair.  You can just slop on some gorilla glue, cover with Tape and go surf 1 hour later.  No worry about making it water proof because the whole board is porous anyways.

Can someone throw up some picks or a video on doing a GG lamination please? the GG I'm thinking of is the brown, expandable glue but maybe that's not it?
it's keeping me up at night-someone please sort me out!


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