Author Topic: Short video, Spring on the Knik 2023  (Read 1561 times)


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Short video, Spring on the Knik 2023
« on: May 02, 2023, 02:24:19 AM »
Still working on the best ways to use the invisible stick camera. I think I need some secure mounts on the nose,tail and some that can stick it out to the side and just stop and remount it every so often. On this trip I lost my Sony RX100ii and didn't realize it fell off. I usually just grab it or go bsck forit. But this isnt a lake. It went places and i didn't catch the moment it abandoned ship. I paddled 4 miles or so downriver trying to find it, and back up in the current and shallows was  a beotch. Fun fact,  a trapper (beaver, 😉 seriously ) found it yesterday and posted up to find the owner. A chain of 3 more people and I was meeting up to get it. Facebook doesn't always suck.
Video just ends, I ran out of battery. But it's interesting,cold and pretty and not too long at 2 minutes. 😀


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