Author Topic: She's gone, she's gone, Oh I, oh I, I better learn how to face it...  (Read 967 times)


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For those of you who know and love Donut Dynamite on Maui, I have some sad news. For those of you who have never been there, it's even sadder. Today was the last day. It's gone.

I did my best to avoid the place, but it was hard. Donuts as art. Four-dollar donuts that you balked at the first time the bill came, but after the first taste seemed much too reasonable.

Our wonderful neighbor, Michelle Kanani stood in line for an hour (and I suspect the line stretched far behind her) to get one last shot at Jennifer Matsumoto's (aka Madame Donut) amazing work. She brought us a little container of Chocolate bread pudding with candied citrus as a gift. We had some with our Christmas eve dinner.

At the first taste, I said "Holy shit" leapt up, and dashed off to make unsweetened whipped cream and a couple of shots of decaf espresso to go with it. This demanded our full attention.

Intense, incredible flavors, perfect texture, absolute balance. My god, Jennifer is an astounding chef. It's so easy to get one ingredient out of balance in something like this and wind up with just chocolate, or just candied citrus. Picture both so harmonious that they turn into something else. There you have it.

We're going to miss her mastery, but I'm also selfishly glad it's gone. My waistline can't handle this.

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