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One Fine Day
« on: December 02, 2022, 07:58:23 PM »
Some days wind up being extraordinary. I woke up this morning at 3:20AM with no hope of falling back asleep. That's what happens when you foil for four hours and fall asleep before 8:00 pm, like a fucking farmer.

So I spent the wee hours drinking great Maui coffee (Moka, of course) and trying to get my current project to work. I went over the code line by line, looked at all the parameters in Node Red, debugged, tested, pulled my hair out, drank more coffee and finally find I'd specified port 1880 to receive mqqt packets and it's supposed to be 1883. I typed the fucking code that specifies the port, and still got it wrong. Moron.

Diane finally woke up at a civilized 7:20AM, I made omelets for both of us, fussed around a while, and went to wingfoil on the south side. Nada for wind. Maui 10K, which is the most reliable forecast of south-side wind, was flat-out wrong.

So I went to the Harbor. Should have gone to Ka'a or Kanaha, but no. I pumped up my 7 M and went out to mow the lawn. It was OK, but I continued to crash for 70% of jibes, mostly by touching down with the wing which turns it into the Great Wall Of Kahalui.

This may sound unpromising but stay with me.

I went home and remembered that I bought lobster claws at Costco. A mighty tray of claws, and I also had hot dog rolls that could be converted with a bit of slicing into East Coast buttered and fried rolls. So I cracked and cleaned a dozen big claws, fried the rolls, and made killer lobster rolls.

Anyone from the east coast knows that when you get a lobster roll you get a bunch of chopped tail meat and perhaps one claw perched on the top as a treat. I made lobster rolls that were ALL claw meat. Fucking unbelievable. Diane and I had two each with a nice glass of Far Niente Chardonnay.

Those of you who know Diane are saying "wait, Diane had two??" Yes, and she was staring at mine, which I was eating leisurely.

I could have stopped there, but I remembered I also got talked into buying six Kona bars--dark chocolate with Kona coffee and freeze-dried raspberries. We shared one with a nice glass of Malbec. I've had better desserts, but they included a seriously talented chef doing their best work and a tab at the end with more zeros than anticipated. For this spectacular dessert, I opened a chocolate bar and poured a glass of wine--and it was damned close to the best ever. If you're in Maui, get thee to Costco before these go away. Amazing.

So, to recap--successfully chased down a pathetic bug in my project, mowed the lawn at the harbor in light wind, claw meat lobster rolls with a fine Chardonnay, and incredible chocolate with a decent red wine.

A fine day by any standard.

I hesitate to explain this, but some friends have asked. Maui Mokka is perhaps the world's best coffee. The backstory is too long to relate, but this is essentially the true Moka, no longer commercially grown anywhere in the world other than Maui. By comparison, Jamaican Blue mountain tastes like dishwater. It's stupidly expensive until you taste it, and then it's very reasonable. Members of my family have come to expect gifts of coffee on special occasions. They will probably never get Maui Mokka. Too good to share, but now I've done it, haven't I? Google it if you're a coffee freak, otherwise, leave it for me. It comes into and out of stock. There's only so much. Some rich fuck is going to come along and grab all of this, I just know it.
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Re: One Fine Day
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2022, 06:28:05 AM »
I love Maui and I love your ramblings about life on it! I do the farmer bedtime way to often.


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