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Re: Axis Hybrid boards
« Reply #15 on: February 01, 2023, 08:48:47 AM »
Some things to consider based on all the variations I’ve built and tested.

I have a 6’2 x 27.5 for SUP only. Used it a few times for light wind winging.
I have a 6’2 x 23.5 for SUP only. Used it a few times for light wind winging.
I have a 5’5 x 23.5 for winging only.
I have a 5’5 x 24.5 for winging only.

My old wing board was 5’0 x 28

All Kalama style boards.

In a back to back wave catching comparison, SUPing tiny knee high waves. I found the 27.5 caught more waves. LESS FALLING. Could be more aggressive positioning for the wave and paddling. What I found is, when you’re almost out of control balance wise paddling, this lack of control transfers to the entire flight on foil. Same results with my buddy doing the same comparison.

Winging my 5’5 x 23.5 wide versus 24.5 wide. The 23.5 is the winner for performance. BUT, I need to be able to put my hands on the deck and just stand up when the wind quits. My knees are shot.
I must avoid sailing on my knees at all cost, so 24.5 wide is my go to. Jacky and my buddy, love the 5’5 x 23.5 wide size. Better upwind, better pumping (better than a 4’10) , lighter. Much higher performance than short and wide boards.

188 lbs

Great info,do you have approximate volumes for these boards?.
Any pics?.


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