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Starboard Widepoint 10'5 progression
« on: August 04, 2021, 06:38:31 AM »
Hey all

Just checking in with my first post.

I've been interested in paddleboarding for around 5 years now, and done the standard transition from an inflatable through to a hard board.

Over the last couple of seasons my main focus has been sup surfing with quite a lot of travel throughout the UK in between the lockdowns and various restrictions - Hebrides, Cornwall, North East and Wales.

A Starboard Widepoint 10'5 came up for sale locally for a good price and this has been a great board for me to progress over the last couple of seasons to the point where I'd described myself as a intermediate paddler (I don't get quite as much of a dunking now  ;))

The Widepoint is described as an all round/beginner surf board and at 179L volume its a beast to paddle out on bigger days, therefore I'm beginning to think about looking for more surf focussed board.

At 83kgs, I'm considering making a step down in terms of volume to something in the 130-140L range current thoughts are:
  • Starboard Pocket Rocket
    Starboard Hypernut
    Smik Spitfire

Just wondering if there are any other options out there worth looking in to?

I only manage to get to the coast once or twice a month, so ideally looking to to have a board which will work well is a variety of conditions rather than building a quivver of boards to suit all conditions.

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Re: Starboard Widepoint 10'5 progression
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2021, 01:09:57 PM »
Hey Big, welcome…

It sounds like there is Starboard availability where you’re at. My first thought was the built in downward progression available in Starboard‘s Wide Point line.  Good boards and not entirely dissimilar from each other.  Now that Wide Point has been replaced with the Wedge line, there is an 8’11 x 32 at 143 Liters that would definitely offer you the downsize experience your looking for.

I was looking into the Wedge myself. The caveat with the board for me was a nicely in-depth Supboarder review suggesting it needed some juice in the wave. That's a thing for me. So consider what types of waves you will typically be surfing, and if the reduction in volume you’re looking for also mean a reduction in length and wave catching ability.

Along those lines, check out the Jimmy Lewis Super Frank for a downsized board that works in smaller surf.  Past posts suggest its a pretty versatile board.

Lastly, if you haven’t seen this Hyper Nut/Pocket Rocket comparo, here you go:     
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Re: Starboard Widepoint 10'5 progression
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2021, 01:36:06 PM »
I just went from a 10'5 Widepoint to a GenRation (sunova) Kanga 9'6" and couldn't be happier.  You could probably easily go down to the 9' though if you went this route.  It turns down the line so much easier with the tapered rails and the quad setup.  The Widepoint tends to get 'locked in' to a direction once it picks up speed.


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Re: Starboard Widepoint 10'5 progression
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2021, 07:31:43 AM »
The Widepoint is described as an all round/beginner surf board and at 179L volume its a beast to paddle out on bigger days, therefore I'm beginning to think about looking for more surf focussed board.
That board has a guild factor of 2.15 (volume to weight ratio) which is appropriate for a beginner.  I would advise getting a different model board than the widepoint for your next board, the widepoint surfs too flat imo.
I had the fastest progression on my surfing when I got on a board with a guild factor of ~1.5.   But I wasn't going out once a month, I was addicted and trying to get out on the water serveral times a week.  For the range of 130L-140L that you are thinking, I would lean towards 130L for the addict, 140L for the recreational paddler.  Miker's Kanga has a guild factor of ~1.7 for reference.  Great option, for the occasional paddler who just wants to maximize fun.
For your progression, you could keep your length and go narrower to get less volume.  Or you could go shorter.  For me, I don't like boards over 10' in low tide conditions when the waves are steep and pitching.  It just takes too long to get back on the tail.  A shorter board is better for these conditions.
For the boards that have been mentioned:
Smik Spitfire 8'8" x 31.5" 129L
Hypernut 7'10" x 31.5" 130L
Kanga 8'9" x 30 7/8" 130.9L
Pocket Rocket 8'3" x 30" 135L
Hypernut 8'4" x 31.5" 140L
Kanga 9' x 31 3/4" 142.5L
Smik Spitfire 9'4" x 32" 144L
The starboard boards will be more stable in choppy conditions because of the fuller noses.  The pulled in nose of the Spitfire and Kanga will be nice on steeper waves.  The Hypernut will probably have the most push in weak waves because of the wide tail.  Pin tails are sweet in steeper waves, but work in knee high and up.
For me, I like having a two board quiver.  Longboard for softer waves and shortboard for steeper waves.  You could keep your 10'5" widepoint, or consider getting a narrower 130-140L 9'-10'6" for longboard style waves.  This type of board is great when you have to cover a lot of ground finding peaks.  The other boards mentioned should cover you in shortboard conditions.
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Re: Starboard Widepoint 10'5 progression
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2021, 04:26:06 PM »
at those Kg's I'd probably surf a 9-2/32 or 9/31 size board.  A wide point is for bubbas like me, and lighter weights that don't want to ever be tippy in any kind of chop.  The Widepoint is a good stable starting point, and a fun ride for whenever you need to be stable.

(for scale - I'm 119 kg's (250 lbs) and surf a 165L 9-6 x 33 Sup Sports stoke normally.  Ordering a new board here shortly  ;D)

Welcome to the forum.  Welcome to the sport.
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