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Re: Paddles! Surf vs flat water...
« Reply #15 on: July 21, 2021, 01:29:36 PM »
Yeah, I'm going to be trying a few different blades hopefully. I've always been partial to a more teardrop shaped blade for other paddling things but I have NO idea how that translates to SUP.

On the topic of stroke and technique, I did 9 miles yesterday just cruising and working on my form and trying to be consistent, as well as trying to not reach too far forward with the shorter length, then did 3.5 this morning as a recovery. My legs are still dead and my abs are pretty sore and the lower back is doing great so trying to not reach super far forward is paying off it feels like.
One thing I've been noticing with the shorter length is that I tend to use my upper body a lot more in the power phase of the stroke, so there is a whole new set of muscles that are getting using more now.

Trying to learn a good stroke and build those habits up is a challenge, but it'll pay off in the long term at least.

If your abs are sore you must be doing something right. Trying different blades could be very beneficial. For long distance, high aspect blades made a big difference for me.
The more balanced load distribution was a good match to my paddling style and made a big difference in recovery times. Worth playing with imo.

Yeah, one place here here, 101 surf sports, is right on the SF bay so they recommend that you bring your board up to try paddles as you can just launch from their place. Needless to say I'll be trying a bunch.

In stroke and form news, I feel like I'm making more progress in staying constant with my form while paddling and getting better stabilizing the upper body. I'm also moving to using my arms/shoulders a little more to directly push/pull the blade "down" and that combined with keeping my core/hip bend more constant is helping the core. I'm sure I have many hundreds and thousands of miles to go before I really start to "get it" for my paddle form and stroke, but I'm getting there.

Also went surfing this morning. I still can't surf worth a damn, but damn if it isn't fun.


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