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Re: All about the Blue Planet Wing Master board
« Reply #15 on: June 11, 2021, 02:34:12 PM »
I just borrowed a 4'10'' Wing Master this weekend and loved how easy it was for as short as it was.  Wondering if I should opt for the 4'6" because I felt I could go a little smaller.

Problem is, I tried a 4'6" 60 liter custom a few weeks back and didn't love it - I felt it submarined a bit more when I touched down and I don't attribute it to just rocker, but also that since your front foot is further forward, there's less time to recover. I tried the same builder's 4'10" 80 liter and it didn't catch the front as much (for me)

So, if anyone has ridden a 4'6" wing master as well as a 4'10" and is roughly my weight (155#), please throw some wisdom at me.

PS - Robert - if you're reading this - do you ship to Puerto Rico?

Thank you for the feedback, stoked you liked the wing master. Yes, I'm reading this and yes we ship to PR.   I use the 4'6 with 76L at 190 lbs.  I struggled with front to back balance at first but now love how loose the board is for carving, pumping and rotations but still relatively easy to start in lighter wind.
Robert Stehlik
Blue Planet Surf Shop, Honolulu
Hawaii's SUP HQ


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