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Genration A95 Paddle - quick review
« on: June 04, 2021, 11:55:24 AM »
Executive summary: Good carbon fibre paddle at a good price.

As part of an order for a Genration Kanga, I added an A95 Paddle.  The 'extras' on the order all came in quite early and I got a chance to check the paddle out this past week on a three day surfing and camping trip to Tofino.

The paddle came with a carrying case, which at first I thought would be useless, but discovered is quite useful when schlepping gear on longer trails out to the beach.  Just sling it over your shoulder and free up your hands.  Who knew (well, probably a lot of you, but I sure didn't)?

As to the paddle, it's a huge upgrade for me.  I've had a cheap fiberglass/plastic paddle for a few years now and figured it was fine.  My brother had been telling me I needed a better paddle and I kept thinking it would be a waste of $$.  I do 80% surfing with my boards and paddles and the rest is toodling about.  Right off the bat I noticed the weight - this paddle was about half the weight of my old one.  Out in the water it wasn't long until I noticed I had quicker acceleration and best of all faster turning.  Anyway, not a lot to say.  It's a pretty solid price for a carbon paddle that performs well.

I don't have a ton of other paddles to compare with - this is just my third and I've tried a couple of my brother's paddles.  This one is better than any of them for me.


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