Author Topic: Lake Wing Sessions w/friends  (Read 601 times)


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Lake Wing Sessions w/friends
« on: August 08, 2021, 08:28:02 AM »
If youd have told me 5 years ago that Id be at an inland lake with 6 other surfers learning and new sport, hooting and beach hanging and generally having a ball Id have said you were crazy.

7 of us (one new guy who is an insane foiler) posted up at Lake Piru outside LA yesterday and had a ball. Wind was strong out on the lake (started 10-15 but got better later with steady 15 and gusts + which is LA good)

A buddy brought a small boat which eliminates the walk of shame and allows towing upwind and then you can drift down trying new stuff. In a cool innovation he towed his son whos new but one of the best foilers on the planet to me (airs, backflips, big indo waves on prone) and by towing up on foil he was able to wing immediately. He skipped the pump and struggle. He got jibes right away and even pumped through a tack. Im going to say that if you are a good foiler and are comfortable behind a boat and learn the wing on land, you might want to try getting towed up with a wing luffed behind you. After a few tows he was able to pump up without the tow but it helped him see what we were all stoked about. Again, only for experienced foilers but an option.

Anyway the way was great and if you Wing alone a lot, try to find a crew. Its really a blast. And if you are inland and think that this sport is only fun in the ocean thats 100% false. This stuff is a blast and challenging on a tiny lake. Get out there!


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Re: Lake Wing Sessions w/friends
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2021, 12:25:32 PM »
Sounds like a lot of fun out on the lake Cowboy!  5 years ago I hadnt even heard of a foil.   Must have been fun seeing a foil expert towed behind a boat.

I agree with you lakes can be fun, I am on a Cove off a river now in the summer, and the wind swirls a bunch and hard to figure out.  Still its easier getting up on foil than it would be planing on a windsurfer...always fun.

I imagine  those Santa Ana winds would make for some inland wing foiling?
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Re: Lake Wing Sessions w/friends
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2021, 08:44:10 PM »
Thx man, yeah actually we are in the Grapevine pass where the wind comes from the South in Summer and North in Winter but Santa Anas are fun for sure when they happen.

Im hearing of guys riding lakes all over down here. Its changed my head about real estate for sure.


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