Author Topic: Rut row...going from a 28" wide to 22" wide SUP is a HUGE difference!  (Read 3347 times)


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I consider myself a good paddler, but I've tested the limits of what I'm able to paddle. I did a small loop on the harbor paddling an early Bonga 9'6 x 25" x 3.75" SUP that a friend who's petite around (46-48kg) paddled. Me at the time was about 110kg. I started off holding a dock post, and found my center. The entire board was submersed about 6" underwater. The water was to my shins. I paddled it for about 10 minutes before getting wet. I couldn't start paddling again while just floating in the water. I've SUP surfed boards that were underwater but not that much. As for race boards, I had a Richmond that was 19' x 22.5" with a deep foot well and drains. It had a rounded bottom that didn't help. Very wobblily even in flat water. I compared my race speed times on my GPS between the 19' x 22.5" and my 18' x 25" with a flat bottom and the time and speed were identical. The difference was you could see a jittery line on the GPS with the 19' x22.5 meaning I was wobbling noticeably. Whereas my 18' x 25" was a smooth straight line. I'm sure I burned more energy wobbling around. I ended up selling the 19' x 22.5 to someone much smaller than me.
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It's not overhead to me!
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