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Re: Dropped board size today
« Reply #30 on: March 31, 2021, 06:32:29 PM »
At my 65kgs, I tried my bigger 37 liter prone for the first time.  Wind starting dropping of course and the sea state was very choppy.  The Stinkbug was the only method that got me to my feet, but just not enough wind to get going. 

Funny enough, after 20-30 minutes of practicing, knowing there wasn't enough wind,  I looked to the shore and there was a full array of first responders, including a full on fire truck, ambulance, park police, city police and who else knows.  I realized they were there for me when I saw them all lined up looking at me with binoculars.  I gave them the pat on the head and thumbs up and they all shrugged and left.  When I came in, this lady came up and apologized.  Said she had seen me out before and I 'was never struggling in the water so much' so she called 911 to report 'a windsurfer in distress'.   ;D

This is funny! I was in West Maui over a year ago trying to wing and was greeted by the Hawaiian Water Patrol on a jet ski who said someone thought I was drowning and called 911. He asked where my strings were.  He warned me of the mob of firemen waiting for me at the beach. Sure enough there were 10 firemen at my condo who were really interested in what I was trying to do. I was a bit surprised that non of them had seen wing foiling before.  I also had a 911 call on me at my local urban spot where I was greeted on shore by a fire truck and policeman. I must look like I really know what I am doing!!!

yup my first go at winging, my buddy and I had a lifeguard paddle almost a mile out to sea to check on us, as we had multiple 911 calls about us.  We knew the lifeguard, and as soon as he realized who we were he looked pissed about having had to paddle all the way out to us.  We just gave a chuckle, apologized he had to do the long paddle, and slowly slogged our way back to the house.

If you know you're going to be struggling while learning something new, probably a good idea to check in with lifeguards first, and give them a heads up.


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