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« Reply #15 on: February 04, 2021, 08:07:54 PM »
Thanx all for the replies. Read through em again. Does anyone know the name of that spot? Beside you, Creek!

You lost me at "40 water" LOL. Great shots, though.'d be amazed at how warm a new winter suit is. Too bad mine is like 4 seasons in now!

If it makes you feel better, it was 37 today when I woke up in S. Florida.   ;D

lol..Just like Portugal!!

You're tough. After watching your video, I went to a site that monitors the water temperature at my favorite sup surfing spot, Surfside. The water temperature there was 59 degrees F which is still too cold for me since I don't wear a wetsuit.
That will definitely keep you out of the water. Why won't you wear one? They are a pain to wrangle. Taking my winter suit off is like tryin to get out of a straight jacket!

Looking good SC!
Yea, Roy! Hull Ripper is blessed so far this winter! Hey, the Polar Paddle cancelled! 2nd year in a row!

way to test that shoulder!  I didn't go out in NY as it looked a bit gnarly, and it was!  kudos for you to brave the cold for some really nice waves!
I was definitely scared takin' that dive. For that one split second it seemed really quiet right before..then SLAMMO! Me and a cookin' buddy used to call "The Pitch Master"!

Beauty wave in that first shot and the board is perfectly positioned, but it still looks weird when you hold the paddle with one hand.   :)

That section was so butter but the wave ran away from me...thing probably broke for another 100 yards! One handed paddle grip? I guess maybe from all my years pronin? I'll try next time for a two hander in the pit!

That's some hard-core charging there!

Nice shot of a proner in the barrel @ 5 min mark too.
Was hard to psych up for those waves! Hard-core chargin' was the only approach for the bombs! Shrtbrders were killin' it! I was the only sup out, also two longbrdrs, and the rest all shrtbrds.

Awesome... and your PSH board looks right at home...
Blessed to have Big Red! I probably shoulda coulda woulda rode the 9'3" but the current and rip at that break can be really strong.
The bailout looks HORRIBLE.
It actually wasn't as bad as it coulda been. SO thought the board was gonna break. Tall Dude's hit was WAY worse. That feeling when you know where the board is during a wipeout and you know it's gonna hit you is the worst. Remember this one 3 years ago?

That bail out was similar to the predicament I was in a month ago. Not as big of a wave, and I was failing on my back with the board coming over the falls straight into my ribs :'( Just now feeling like I could actually paddle without the stabbing rib pain. Keep charging Cookie. I will:)
YIKES!! Pay to play!! I'd like to see that wipe! Not the Naish 12'er?

Thanks for sharing Mark!! Yep, I did the 15 minute wait too but first I did the search for a forgiving spot ! An hour later, none to be found.  It was so unforgiving that the temps were the least of the concerns. You really surfed the conditions well. I just grabbed as high a line as I could and hung on. Every once in a while I got lucky but there was a price to be paid for being unlucky! Hope you got some today!
Funny how you tune the cold out to psych up. Definitely all about the waves. The first set I saw at like 10AM one hr b4 high tide was solid a 10' grey beast! With another right behind it. Where did you surf?
I did not get out the last two days for the leftovers. And the next day they weren't exactly the kinda leftovers you throw away! 

I'd like to think I go out in anything.  Never Miss a Session!

However that was above my pay grade.  Ohhhh My Goodness!

Cold and brutal.  Love the demonstration of knee paddling when it is all that will work to get through the break.
Never miss a sesh! That was my motto. Tough to adhere to it now. But I see you still doing it. Is it the cold or the waves that make you reluctant? I got my bet on you handling it out there on sup!
  I find myself knee paddling ALOT more these days. Prone paddling stresses my shoulwer way too much.

Brrr.... And I thought it was cold here last night because it rained. Someone got a nice barrel starting at the 5min.mark
Maui? lol...I could use some of that right about now! Sometimes I say I won't keep surfing in the winter but when the waves are lookin' like that!

Nice Cookie! New York was pumping and strangely hardly anyone out at my local. A pretty easy paddle out .
Good to hear you're on it! My man!! I hope you are doing well in NY. Sounds like you are! Well done on the sesh. Would be amazing to go back and surf there. Been a while now. Oct, 2015  for Hurricane Jouquin. My brother got this shot of me on my last wave in when it came onshore. I took the empty wave when we first arrived in the morning.

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« Reply #16 on: February 05, 2021, 10:36:09 AM »
and i was complaining i was cold here in 69 Degree air and 75 degree water


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« Reply #17 on: February 05, 2021, 12:29:36 PM »
Beautiful pictures Mark!  Thanks for the stoke.


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