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At home training ap?
« on: January 20, 2021, 11:49:42 AM »
Hola boyos.

So, just like many of you I've packed on some extra weight during COVID. I used to be in the gym consistently and prone surfing 2-3 times a week. During C19 and finishing my masters at the same time these have dropped off and my fitness level has gone down the tubes. I was never ripped/shredded by any stretch of the imagination but as Damon Wayans said in the great white hype, I'm in shape, I'm round! 

I need to do something. I've started walking the dog and have been clocking ~20 miles a week. But that's not enough for the rest of me. The Gyms near me are either closed or require a mask, have an occupancy restriction and increased C19 risk. Together, that makes me uncertain about going into a gym today.

Working out at home is the next option. I'd love to put a weight pile in the back yard but to get it happily stocked I'm looking at spending $2K-ish (did I mention I'm a starving college student?).

That leads me to the home-workout-without-equipment aps. Have any of you used one? Which ones? Thoughts? Feedback?


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Re: At home training ap?
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2021, 07:35:11 AM »
My New Years resolution was more leg work.  I started using a jump rope and have seen positive results.  I also added a carve board to help me work on my rail game.
It is hard to recommend training without knowing what your goal is?  If it is to just lose weight, I would self reflect on diet (limit refined sugar and alcohol intake is always a good start as the liver is the only organ in your body which can metabolize those and it has an efficiency capacity which you can overload).  And when looking at "losing weight" remember that a scale also measures your bone and muscle density, where less is not always better than more.
K.I.S.S. activities that could benefit your prone surfing:
If getting back into prone surfing after a hiatus, volume will be your friend.
Excercise bands:
There are a ton of exercises with Swiss balls.  Bosu balls are cool too.
More advanced training would be squats and kettlebells but you want to make sure you are educated on how to do this correctly, as incorrectly it could cause more harm than good.
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Re: At home training ap?
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2021, 05:18:05 PM »
Joe's exercise looks great, but DON'T use bungees with hooks--neither metal nor plastic. In my zillion years of motorcycle riding, I have two acquaintances who lost an eye to a bungee hook, and I had a close call. If the thought of a bungee hook in the eye doesn't make you squirm in your seat you're a stronger soul than me.

I do a lot of exercises with rubber bands, but lately, I'm just paddling long distances once a day.

If you have the new apple watch the apple workout routines are good.
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