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Duotone Unit 6m feedback
« on: December 17, 2020, 10:35:22 AM »
After months of winging almost exclusively with the original Duotone 4m and 5m wings, I bought the Unit 6m a few months ago.  until yesterday I had not tried it because either the wind was too strong or not strong enough (so I thought).  I learned yesterday this wing is great for light winds!
I was on my Fanatic Sky SUP board with Aero 2000 foil.   From my windsurfing days, nothing I hate more than shlogging in light winds, and I was a little nervous that would be the case yesterday.

It was reporting wind 13mph gusts to 17 yesterday and as I drove to my wing spot, I was afraid the wind was not that strong as the water was flat and calm.  I un packed and pumped up the Unit anyway.  Top quality wing, seems really well made although the dump valve reminds me of a kid's raft or beach ball and I hope it's more durable than that.  The minute I stood up on my board, I immediately felt the pull from this wing.  SUCH a different feel than the Duotone with boom. The instant pull was obvious and after a pump or two, I was up on foil in some very light winds which previously I would have thought too light.

This UNIT wing pumps easily, is so, so light compared to the Duotone 4m and 5 with booms.  Pumping those Duotones was a floppy mess compared to the solid feel of the UNIT.  The handles felt great too and hand transitions were easy.
In marginal winds, keeping the original Duotones aloft was tiring, especially for my shoulders, but I barely felt the weight of the Unit.  I rode for 1 1/2 hrs and loved every minute of it and was never  tired.  I only dipped the wing corner 2 times but quickly recovered before any wipe out.

Packing the Unit back up was the toughest part of the session and no way I will ever fold it and pack it to fit in the bag like it came. 5" of it is sticking out.  Why can't these manufacturers made a more generous bag? 

I am thrilled with the performance of this wing, and I will probably look for buy a couple of the smaller sized wings in the future . 
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