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Repairing Duotone Echo Airport valve
« on: November 02, 2020, 01:00:01 PM »
I bought the Echo in August and the first time inflating the wing the valve kept leaking. I had to pump and then put the cap on as fast as possible. Duotone’s response was to send me a replacement valve which took many weeks. I read the instructions and these were difficult to understand. So I am posting some tips here:

Do you need to remove the bladder from the wing?
No. I was able to get enough bladder out through the zipper to be able to work on the valve.

Do you really need to cut the old valve out as depicted in the instructions?
No. I put water in a wide cup and microwaved it. Then I held the old valve in the cup for about 2 minutes and the valve came off with minor tugging. This was the hole is the same size as factory. Make sure that you mark how the old valve was oriented with permanent marker.

How to build the platform for placing the valve?
I followed the instructions and put several pieces of cardboard box together. I used some wood or drywall screws to keep them together. Then I traced the hole with the round “tool” that comes in the accessory bag with the wing. I used a utility knife to cut the hole through all the layers. Then I checked to see that the cardboard was thick enough by putting the new valve in it.

How do you hold the bladder flat?
A second person would be easiest but I used masking tape.

What is the donut of bladder material that they send with the valve for?
I surmise it is there for when you cut the old valve out to prevent the new valve from sticking to the opposite bladder wall. I didn’t use it since the hole was perfect due to the hot water trick outlined above.
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