Author Topic: Race SUP Durability: Expectation Adjustment ?  (Read 233 times)


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Race SUP Durability: Expectation Adjustment ?
« on: October 25, 2020, 10:15:05 PM »
I posted a question about PVC durability (,36653.msg422350.html#msg422350 ) and started browsing the forums/web seeing other peopleís experiences and this got me thinking: do I need to adjust my durability expectations with race SUPs ? I donít know that many SUP folks, so I donít know !

Maybe itís because Iím new and have gone out in some pretty rough conditions (for me anyways - which has garnered me a paddle strike or two)  or maybe  I just donít fully understand the durability of different materials and constructions in different conditions and what to expect ...

So Iím wondering. If you were paddling 4 to 5 days per week, 60 to 120 minutes in a mix of flat water, downwind, and open ocean; all possible small mishaps considered, how long would you expect your board to last ? How often do you need to do a small repair ? Professional repair ? What damage is really cause for concern and what should just be brushed off as normal wear and tear ?

Maybe a lot of this depends on the owner ? For instance, Iím getting a great deal on a used DW board, itís a couple years old but has no dents, no cracks, no repairs. I sure as heck wonít get away with selling my open ocean board  in that kind of condition!

In addition, what are some things (besides better technique) that you do to increase the longevity of your boards ?

Thanks in advance,

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