Author Topic: GoFoil: amazing wings with crappy tails  (Read 4563 times)

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Re: GoFoil: amazing wings with crappy tails
« Reply #30 on: October 30, 2020, 05:48:18 PM »
I am becoming more and more convinced that GoFoil (and lyft) inadvertently set us back by a few years because of their concept of fully moulded tails.  The whole concept is fundamentally flawed - adjusting pitch and position are so important.    The original Maliko and Kai tail offered zero adjustment short of getting out the grinder.   I don't really blame them - how could we have known at the time - but some of the other brands got it right from the beginning.  At least now most brands have transitioned to the 2xM6 at 30mm standard.   Tails are going the way of fins and are best customized by the owner.

Agree with you on Lift. None of the their HA wings felt right to me with ANY of their tails.

Then just today on the podcast, FoilWizard was the guest, and said, Lift is designed to be back foot heavy weighted. Thatís friggin nuts. I would have fixed mine with a better tail....instead I sold them.


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