Author Topic: Are cracks in PVC fairly common ?  (Read 3579 times)


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Re: Are cracks in PVC fairly common ?
« Reply #30 on: October 29, 2020, 06:13:32 PM »
This was neat for a newbie like me:

Also was headed pick up a lightly used Downtown dugout in a couple weeks for $1500, but might consider a Rail if I can find one.

3:27 "Nobody that's doing bamboo boards is doing a layer of glass on both sides."  <-Incorrect. Even in standard construction, Blue planet boards use 2x 4oz.-bamboo-1x4oz. on the deck and 4oz.-bamboo-4oz. on the bottom. This in addition to extra glass, carbon, and Kevlar in high stress areas, and PU cartridges under the fin boxes, leash plugs, handle, etc.


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Re: Are cracks in PVC fairly common ?
« Reply #31 on: October 29, 2020, 07:24:35 PM »
Blue Planet is well known to those of us on the Zone, and their boards are excellent, but AFAIK they are only sold by Blue Planet. What Jimmy didn't say is that a bamboo sandwich, where the bamboo is essentially veneer thickness, doesn't equal a PVC sandwich for stiffness. Like any girder design, more distance between layers means greater stiffness. For my goofy Foil module idea I did a test sandwich with 6 oz carbon on both sides of a 4" thick piece of PVC (expensive!!!). I thought that making the PVC into a box, with carbon on the edges as well, would be a lot stiffer than just the PVC with a carbon layer top and bottom. I still think it would be, but my test was inconclusive since i couldn't stack enough weight on the test piece to deflect it in either configuration. 40 pounds (all I could fit) didn't deflect either version in any measurable way.
Foote 10'4X34", SIC 17.5 V1 hollow and an EPS one in Hood River. Foote 9'0" x 31", L41 8'8", 18' Speedboard, etc. etc.


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