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Re: Low wind conditions - video ID
« Reply #30 on: July 29, 2020, 07:37:24 PM »
This morning my grandson had a windsurfing lesson that was supposed to start at 10 at the event center. There wasn't enough wind to even do the simulation stuff, so the start time kept being pushed back. I blew up my 6M and put the 1150 on and laid down to wait for wind. BTW, a wing makes a nice place to lay and if you let some of the air out the leading edge is a great pillow. At about 11:30 iWindsurf said there was 8mph of wind, and I thought it was worth trying. I'd seen a few kiters get their kites up, sort of, and try to foil, but no go. So I slowly glided to the middle of the river, caught a puff, and got up. I made a few reaches, semi jibed (brief touchdown but got back up) but mostly I was pumping both the wing and the board all the way across the river, both ways.

I came in, a beaten man, so of course, the wind started coming up. Admin showed up, I went to check on the grandkid--all good, so I went back out and the wind steadily built until I had to go down to a five. Probably should have gone to 4.2 but that would have been much too smart.

I wound up foiling until 5:00 with brief interruptions to check to see the kid hadn't drowned. The "kid" btw, weighs about 30 pounds more than me and is my height-6' something. By the time I put everything away and waited for his lesson to end it was flat out nuking and my 5 meter was totally feathered overhead all the time. 3.5M would have been good. It's amazing how much range these wings have. Back in my windsurfing days I would have gone through five sails and three boards chasing wind speed.

Anyway, if you want to float around in next to no wind, the 1150 is your huckleberry. It just makes it easy.
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