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Re: Winging the gorge
« Reply #15 on: July 05, 2020, 05:32:28 AM »
Mel did a DW from Jensen to the sandbar and did some surface riding which is a break through for her.

That is a big deal.  Firsts are always a big deal, but that was no cushy condition to learn in.  20 to 30 is tough conditions for learning the kneestart (especially when there are holes).  I consider these last  few days "normal" Gorge wind but that is still very windy.  Last week was packed with "big" days but we also get a lot of really beautiful 5 and 6 meter days which are sweet because they usually have very little range (variances of a few MPH).  She is putting together these skills now but when she gets some of those cruiser days, watch out.  It will feel super easy in comparison and she will catch fire.  Really nice to meet you!
Great meeting you guys yesterday.  It was so cool watching you and Chan fly upwind together with the same colored wings.  Looking forward to when Mel and I can do the same.


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