Author Topic: Creek Van, heading to Virginia Beach this week - demo & some boards to sell  (Read 368 times)


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Running down to visit the Va Beach crew this week.
Picking up some new boards, having a casual beach day, letting ya'll ride my quiver.
Taking a few Sunova's and GenRations.

I am picking up some smaller versions, so selling the bigger ones I got for winter.

I am high risk for CoVid complications, having 2 brothers who died of lung disease... and my lungs are questionable.
so... I am staying a least a 12' Point Break distance from any of you mugs.... and wearing my mask.... and a bubble.
BUT... I'd be super stoked share my boards with you, and shout back and forth from across the beach  ;D ;D ;D

I really am getting good at the solitary life, so please don't take offense at my need for distance and cleanliness.
My daughter lives 10 miles from me... I saw her Fathers day for the 1st time since Christmas.
The things we do to stay alive  :-\

Boards in Van
9'0 Flash TR3
8'10 GenRation SP 25
9'1 Placid TR3
9'5 GenRation Wedge
9'6 GenRation Kanga

Boards I'll add, once in VA Beach
8'10 Placid TR3
10' SURF TR3

9'1 x 33 Placid TR3 @ 147 liters
Too big for me... so I ordered an 8'10
This board is stupid stable!
Stock thruster fins
hexatraction on nose

9'5 x 33 GenRation Wedge @ 180 liters
This board has way to much volume for me, so I find it unnecessary tippy. and overall, too big.
I have ordered a 9'2, but probably should have gone down to the 8'11 or even 8'8.... but I want to be able to ride in bigger winter swells.
This board need a big guy!
Deckpad, hexatraction on nose. No fins

Cash or PayPal

Short vid of my 9'1 Placid (not selling these fins with the board... but it will have a stock thruster set-up)

I am driving south on Wednesday 6/24 (Tomorrow)
Surf on thursday - Friday in VA Beach, then head north again.

Email me for more info... or to get my phone #
I'll check on the road


My YouTube channel:


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sent you a DM....looks like like we will be on 95 alot of the same times this week! :D


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