Author Topic: Blade Shapes and "Feel".......Why?  (Read 1006 times)


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Re: Blade Shapes and "Feel".......Why?
« Reply #15 on: June 22, 2020, 04:48:55 PM »
pics are working again so - I placed them in this group to show they modify length since the don't have a standard. Each ends up being how ever long after the blade is added to the standard "neck" rather than modify "neck length" to make them come out even - so my Konini ends up adding a couple inches overall plus the extra area plus the wings/requires-good-technique PLUS it's a 95 vs 84 in the Ho'oloa. It makes it less "apples to apples"

I've been out 3 times with the Konihi 95, total of about 15 miles or so of flatwater. It's a lot taller "gearing" - however much that is the square inches vs blade design (magic Konihi wings) I can't tell you - but my pecs are feeling it, my lower back "twist muscles" etc - and I have to be careful with the way I plant the blade - if I just stab it in fast, and pull down, it wants to snap my reaching/lower arm straight  - like, the blade-angle pulls the blade/shaft forward until my arms/elbow can't give up any more reach? I may not be explaining it.....but anyway,  I have to be deliberate in that portion to start pulling back just before the limit of extension because I can tell too much of that "snap to max" will do some damage - it feels "wrong" - like when you pull your back but it doesn't hurt - YET. The Ho'oloa is much "softer" engaging and doesn't feel "bang/locked-in". I can't tell if I'm faster - or maybe I'm not strong enough yet to take advantage of the "tall gear". I'm pushing the Starboard Airline up to about 5.4 (per 3 stroke average) on my GPS. Plus -again - I'm carrying a ton of weight on my bod (5'10" 270 was 285 3 wks back), means more wetted surface, etc. so my experience may not relate directly relatable to you "little 200 pounders" (I think 2 to 215 would be pretty lean for me, btw. Ony 60-70 to go :D ) .


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