Author Topic: Holy Switch! ...a new winding.  (Read 2372 times)


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Re: Holy Switch! ...a new winding.
« Reply #15 on: July 06, 2020, 06:41:20 AM »
The F1 and airush leash is a cuff that doesn't fully open like the ozone. So when teaching, I can just loosen it and the student can slide their have into it. So even if it comes loose, it's a good chance it's not going to pop off and let the wing fly. Also makes it easier to take off, un spin twist in the water and get it back on one handed.
I remember when I was riding with Dwight and we were talking about the handles on the ozone. I think the gong wing ended up being the handle implant donner since it had so many extra handles on it.
Really makes you wonder if the companies actually test product or just order it from a supplier and throw it out into the market and hope for the best.


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Re: Holy Switch! ...a new winding.
« Reply #16 on: July 06, 2020, 07:27:45 AM »
Aaaaaa... 'a transfer' makes sense, Nick.   I have lost kites and boards to the ocean because the leash blew up or pulled off, so I am a little gun shy about any looseness.   

Another thing about 'webbing' handles: It is my luck, as a person easily annoyed by dumb details ...the outside radius of a sausage is stretched perfectly smooth when arched - the inside is wrinkled as c'hit. Not only 'spongy and slippery', but it's also frickin' wrinkled.

Here's a simple example of thermoplastic that is formed to 'finish' the handle for this wing. ' Best done in a toaster oven, or boiling water, you need to 1) wear gloves and 2) be focused on the prize the time to set is <10sec because it is so thin.  I had some medical-grade I need to look for because the dwell is longer. ' Next step is to encapsulate it with some non-slip.   But after what seems two weeks - there's a bit of wind - so, later!


Nick... I had you penciled in around Xmas.  I was going to drag my grandson off Big Bear during college break, fly him to FL, and get him 'on the water'. He teaches snowboarding, so it should have been easy for him.  It was going to be your foil school and a couple of days at the cable park in the Keys.  The way it looks, my wife will be spreading my ashes before I get on a plane or around large groups of people again. 
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Re: Holy Switch! ...a new winding.
« Reply #17 on: September 21, 2020, 07:38:07 PM »
I just want to call put Adminís hilarious joke earlier in this thread. Well done.

I saw a guy winging with dry hair last week and it was like seeing a UFO.


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