Author Topic: Quarantine Quiver Update, whatcha riding?  (Read 455 times)


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Quarantine Quiver Update, whatcha riding?
« on: April 07, 2020, 02:25:30 PM »
Been a while since someone has posted quiver updates and LBsup's new purchase inspired me!

My current quiver (I am 6'2 250 and 55 years)

8'11 Sunova Shroom:  I know its condition specific but this board is just so much fun and I take it out more then I should. Shoutout to Cove Water Paddle Surf  in Santa Cruz for shipping consignment to NJ. Olivier is straight up good people. Maybe I'll throw on a foil one of these days.

9'7 Sunova Creek: Still my go to board, handles anything I surf.

9'10 Blue Planet Turbo full carbon: Robert makes a great board and I do not grab this board enough. First and only pin tail I have surfed. The pin tail is silky smooth and gets great hold. Was so much fun to surf during hurricane season.

All three boards come in just around 160 liters.

9'10 Fanatic All wave circa 2014. My first wave rider. It just sits now. I ripped the nose off and repaired myself. Every once in a blue moon I will put it in the water. Corky for sure but a wave rider.


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Re: Quarantine Quiver Update, whatcha riding?
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2020, 07:32:07 PM »
5'10 and 175lb.

8'2" 100L Pocket Friend
8'8" 116L Pocket Knife
8'8" 120L All Good
8'10  116L Ninja Warrior
10' 128L NP10
10" NP10 Carbon
12'7" Kazuma Race
14' Bump Rider Speed

Not sure where things are going from here. For a while I was really leaning towards bigger waves and more high performance boards. Trying to get back to my peak prone surfing-days skill level. But I just find myself having more fun in smaller waves on the 10' long boards these days... A week or so ago, some friends went to a spot that was inside-out and well overhead. I went to the other side of the island and rode the 12'6" race board on a shoulder high, short, hollow peak, and had the time of my life  :)