Author Topic: My experience with the Starboard Ace GT unlimited, and now I'm thinking custom.  (Read 1140 times)


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I like the hypr nalu as well, but they are not light by any means. Area 10 board is 32-33Lbs so not much savings there. I think their regular construction for the 14x26 was 30LBS.
My current board is a of a very similar design and also weighs 29LBS. It does work well pretty much everywhere , especially on heavy side chop and heavy cross winds and the weight actually helps in these conditions imo.
The Board does show its weakness in upstream and upwind conditions.

Another route might be a custom Sunova where your base start is the Expedition model with an added 10% for custom build you end up around $2000 including shipping.
I actually a started modeling this hybrid board sometime ago but ended up testing some other designs. It's still a work in progress, I know few people who wanted something similar.
in progress...


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Thanks for all the info burchas. Some great insight here, and I like your design. A bit narrower in the tail and there is my unlimited:). I had heard that Sunova will do customs, and a starting base shape like the Expedition makes sense. One sup does customs too. A 33 pound custom 14' Hypr that works well in a variety of conditions, with the extra durability would be fine. Most of my boards have been fairly heavy, and I'm hard on gear, so if the durability is decent, Im ok with it. I don't participate in races, or really against myself, so I'm not too hung up on weight.