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From light wind to smoking in 4 hours
« on: February 20, 2020, 10:16:58 AM »
Fun day wingfoiling at the Harbor. Kanaha and Ka'a are closed. I heard it was for tree maintenance but that didn't explain the tow trucks and police.

Anyway, the wind was light in the morning, so I got out the 6M F-one wing and my relatively new 101 Axis foil. Damn I love that foil. Fast and smooth. I can't turn it for shit, but I say that about everything. I think it could be me. As the day wore on the wind increased steadily. I lent Chris Pagdilao my 5M, but about the time the 6M got way too nutty for me, the 5M got nutty for Chris. So I switched to that. I stayed on the 5 until the wind got insane and went down to the 3.5M. I was having so much fun I didn't want to quit, but around 1:30 the fuel tank went on reserve. I felt like a toddler who didn't want to stop playing. All I had to eat to support 4+ hours of gentle to fairly extreme wingsurfing was some biscuits I made at 6:00 AM and tea. By the way, the secret to GREAT biscuits is White Lilly flour--no debate possible.

I hated to stop but decided I was getting dangerous. Went to Whole Foods for a quick lunch. Unfortunately, when I got back to the harbor my lunch decided what we really needed was a nap. Lunch won. Went home, took a shower, laid down on the bed to read and woke up three hours later. Damn.

In general, I feel pretty good but my hands are aching. I tell everyone "don't grip the boom, open your hands." I guess I need to listen to me.
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