Author Topic: First Foil Setup Thoughts  (Read 4739 times)


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Re: First Foil Setup Thoughts
« Reply #15 on: February 02, 2020, 03:52:08 AM »
Thatís exactly how I got into foiling - deal was just too awesome to pass. Here are my thoughts - I am about your size 170lbs and paddle on 6.5 JL Flying V. For me this board is very stable - if I were to buy the board today I would likely go with 5.11, but I do live on the Florida gulf coast so our waves are mostly wind chop and slop. We rarely have glassy conditions, most of the days it is super crappy chop and slop so more volume is a good thing here. I have Iwa, M200, M280 with 24 mast. Yes mast is flexy with the m280 on it. With m200 wing I almost donít feel the flex and when you are flying there is no flex at all. I will definitely get 29 mast down the road but it might be a problem where I live - too shallow so 24 is nice in that regard. My favorite go to wing has been m200 - it seems to fly really well on the gulf waves. I have tried Iwa and it loves more push and faster wave which I think is going to be great for Atlantic. Here though, Iwa just outruns the waves where as M200 seems to be in perfect sync. So I say go for it! I am glad I did, I havenít really touched a Sup since august or so, maybe just a few times. Foiling is so much fun, especially when everyone is struggling around trying to find a wave and you fly on a little tiny unsurfable bump.

This sounds good, I think I am actually going to bump up to the 6'5"/M200 mix.
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