Author Topic: 2016 (bought new in late 2018) 14'x30" Naish Glide GTW in NC. Prefer trade  (Read 435 times)


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2016 Naish Glide GTW touring board 14' x 30", bought new last winter. Paid $1100 almost exactly a year ago. Very sturdy and stable touring board. Perfect for a larger person and/or carrying lots of gear. I am looking for a smaller SUP - 12'6" or less of similar value. If inflatable, good quality model that's not too old with all accessories.

I got it partly for nearshore fishing. It's a great board for open ocean but not great for fishing and I am getting something more specific to fishing for Christmas. Big people love the board. I am not a big person and I didn't do the sort of touring I thought I might, so the board is overkill for me. Looking for something shorter, maybe slimmer if a touring or racing board or might look at an all around that could handle a little small wave surfing.

Selling for cash, it's $750. Preference for trade is because I can be more reasonable about what I consider "similar value" than I will be about taking less cash. Raleigh NC but head to southern half of NC coast a lot as well as upper Pamlico. Not in a rush.

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