Author Topic: Lessons Learned the Hard Way  (Read 138178 times)


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Re: Lessons Learned the Hard Way
« Reply #15 on: September 11, 2019, 06:45:46 AM »
Here are some select shots on the 10' to 10' 6" equipment. 

These boards are a staple in 2X to 3X overhead.  If they don't turn then just put your foot back further and push harder.


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Re: Lessons Learned the Hard Way
« Reply #16 on: September 11, 2019, 09:03:01 PM »

I see you are relatively new here on the Zone. 

I took up SUP 10 years ago from a 10 year background in Surfing and 15 year background windsurfing.  My objective was to catch big waves.

And to catch more waves but in Half Moon Bay, CA in the winter they get big.  I learned from Haley Fiske and Jeff Clark that


Haley will claim he, and a few select Hawaiians, converted the prone guys to longer boards.  They were all trying to paddle in on 8'6 and 9' boards into huge waves.  Then tow-in came along and he was out catching 50 footers ALONE at Mavericks on a SUP.  No prone guys.

Take off early and wide.  And find your wave, your outer break that holds size. 

Board for regular 10' to 18' faces should be 10' to 10'6 X 28"

Board for regular 15' up to 40' should be 12' X 28"
- PSH 12' Gun (Shown) or Jimmy Lewis 12' Bombora are good options.

I never went wider than 28" on my quiver for big waves. 

Here is a fun video showing some size, looks slow but its not.

Board size sure is an eye opener. I'm a life time short boarder who first stepped on a SUP just over two years ago and was hooked. Just now getting comfortable on a SUP in the stuff I would ride on a short board (my biggest short board being a 7'11" Tokoro gun), but making a whole host of new mistakes by bringing prone experience to SUP... Like assuming an 8' board is well big enough for hollow 12' face surf. Maybe it is, but I'm learning that longer is going to be much better.

The last shot in that video was awesome. Big waves are fun to watch, but not much interest in riding them :-)