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Re: Axis Foils
« Reply #45 on: September 06, 2019, 12:20:58 AM »
Impressive. If that was an M280 you'd be bouncing up and down like a porpoise in light air like that. the axis foil is smooth. I like the GoFoil GL 240 almost as well, now that I've learned how to get it up and flying. The foot position is completely different from the 280 (duh).

I just got a shipment of Axis stuff. Three masts, a shorter fuselage, a new 1020 to relieve the one I have patched back together, and a 440 tail. I'm going to modify the old road rash 1020 for a bit more lift and stability, I'm going to make a 1080 gullwing out of it. Now, all we need is some wind.

That is pretty interesting about your feet on the 240.  I am thinking that wing foilers may have different priorities than pumpers.
 I know that I sure want to pump as little as necessary.  On the Axis 1020 I didn't notice that any foot position change was required from the GoFoil 200.  The Axis was just much better mannered in that position.  Smooth lift with sustained cruise.  Nice!
 We have been on the East Coast for the last week and I am stoked to get back for a second day on this kit.  We have the other tail sizes arriving today as well.  We will see how those go on the smaller front wings.
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