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I can fly now
« on: Today at 07:04:15 AM »
I have been out 3 times on the wingdings because of work getting in the way.  Now I should have some more time to play.  My wings are the Naish 4.0 and Gong 5 and 7.  I went out once over Christmas but the wind did not get high enough.  But it gave me the feel for playing with the 7.  I have been riding on my 64 supfoilmachines from DWight.   

So I had a good opportunity to FINALLY play in some good wind this week in Florida. Gear was the above 64 board, Gong 5m wing, and Armstrong 2400 with the 72 cm mast.  Wind on the internet showed 20-35mph from windfinder.  I had a boat follow me so I did not have to worry about getting back to any specific point.  It was on a large bay in the intercoastal so it was really choppy. Tight 1-2 foot chop.  I started near a sandbar where the chop was about a third of where I ended up more in the open water.

Little bit of a juggling act getting everything set up in the boat but doable. Just  learning process.  Out on the board, wow, gooood wind.   Standing was so easy with the wind lifting me up.  Third attempt and I am off and FLYINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.  Wooooooooooooohoooooooooo.  OK, how do you slow this thing down.  Flew for about 20-25 seconds before a spectacular splash.  Ok so this continued for about an hour more.  As I drifted out into the choppier water, it made things a little more difficult.  I could get up on the foil within about 10-15 seconds when I wanted to.  I  was getting rides from 5-15 seconds.  The problem I was having was controlling my speed.  I would get up on the foil and just take off.  Whooooosh.   Then I remembered the throttle is my hands and I could think about more than just getting on the foil.  I was doing that. Now to start controlling.  I got up and took off, angled more upwind and then start feathering the wing.  I stayed up for about 90 seconds and went down because I was getting close to my turn around point.  I put the wing down to stop.  But that last ride I was able to put everything together.   I was flying on the foil  mostly.  I would touch down here and there with my lack of experience coordinating my direction and wind power with the wing.   

It was getting later so I called it for the day. Looking forward to more though.  What a cool feeling.


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Re: I can fly now
« Reply #1 on: Today at 08:19:01 AM »
Well how cool is that!  Stoked for you Ninja!


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Re: I can fly now
« Reply #2 on: Today at 08:33:02 AM »
Cool, Tuna...  ' Hoping to see a similar break in the clouds myself this year.

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