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I need some beta readers
« on: July 08, 2019, 12:54:56 PM »
I need some beta readers. Some time ago I wrote a book called "Riding Sophia". It was my first fiction book, and I learned a crazy amount about what not to do in writing it. It's a coming of age story about a strange guy named Monroe.

The latest book in the series is called Riding Anouk, it's Monroe at 19/20 and I'm getting ready to publish it. I started working on it quite a while ago, but finally got back to it and polished it up a bit.

Despite spending about thirty years working in marketing, I'm not particularly interested in making a big effort to sell these, but I have at least eleven more books in the pipeline that I just need to get out of me. I'd like to get some beta readers to give me feedback on this latest book. I wrote it in the style of the late, truly great Elmore Leonard, meaning, it starts with a bit of character development and story establishment, and then takes off and never catches a breath until it's over. I enjoyed writing it, but like every writer, I don't really know if it sucks or not. It's transitional, and I like to know if it works. If you'd like to read it, say so, and I'll send you a copy in .epub format. If you go nuts and want to contribute to editing it, I'll send a copy in docx, which everyone in the publishing business says people should NEVER do, but I don't really care.

I'll need your email address to send you a copy. Just PM it to me and I'll set you up.

The idea of the entire series of books is a little weird, and probably not commercially feasible, but I'm having fun. Here's the notion--most detective/thriller books involve characters that just kind of come out of nowhere. My idea was to write a series of books that show the reader where the character comes from, and then carry on, in sort of a Spenser/Robert Parker vein, but with someone whom the readers can fully understand and care about. I plan to even write a children's book about the character--Monroe Sanborne. That book will be titled "Coming Moon?" and is written from the viewpoint of a three-year-old riding in a car, and realizing that the moon is coming with them. There will be a YA book at about age ten, and then "Riding Sophia" picks up when Monroe is 17. It's a coming of age book with probably too much sex, but hey, guys can dream. It's published on Amazon:

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