Author Topic: Electric Bike with SUP trailer  (Read 556 times)


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Electric Bike with SUP trailer
« on: July 02, 2019, 08:13:04 AM »
I'm seeing a few fat tire electric bikes cruising the beaches here in Southern NJ. With the Army Corps of Engineers having just completed a beach widening and dune project here, the hike to the waters edge with a SUP hasn't gotten any easier for this mid-60's paddler. Wondering if anyone has an electric bike set up with SUP trailer? If so, what does your rig look like. Which bike and trailer? Photos would be great! Thanks!


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Re: Electric Bike with SUP trailer
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2019, 08:38:11 AM »
I recommend side-car mounted Surf-Board rack.

I have been using this design for 15 years now.  NO Problems  :o (rather I worked out numerous problems many 1,000's of miles ago.)

The trailers are cumbersome, elongated and add complexity to the overall rig in the form of tires and flat mounting surfaces.  If you get an electric bike, especially one with fat tires, you can take advantage of the suspension (ideally front shock) of the softer fat tires to carry you and your gear.   

The bicycle is optimally designed to handle the entire rig.  You can make this design for << $75 and it WILL OUTCARRY anything you can buy because of the suspension lines in the design.  I put my kid on this rack. 

With enough power and fat enough tires you can ride on soft sand with a big board.  I regularly carry my 12' SUP @ 30 lbs and my foil board on this rig.

See link here.,13907.msg280983.html#msg280983
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Re: Electric Bike with SUP trailer
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2019, 12:24:22 PM »
I've done both trailers and bike rack, there are advantages to each. The rack is simple, compact, and can carry a lot. Trailers make for a long footprint, but they have less impact on the stability of the bike (Unless everything goes to hell, in which case, not so much), they can carry a lot more, and you can disconnect them if the going gets too tough for the bike and just walk them.

The simplest trailer I've used is one that might still be available called the sup Mule. Yup, still around.

It's basically just wheels that attach temporarily to your surfboard, or the largest surfboard if you have a stack. The system includes a strap that serves as the trailer hitch. Works fine if you have a relatively short distance to go and are not likely to encounter high wind. I've also used it as a hand dolly to move a lot of heavy beach stuff like coolers, chairs, etc. by just stacking them on a board. It breaks down into a surprisingly small bag, and that's one of the limitations--the wheels are fairly narrow. No problem if your load is light, but if it gets heavy the wheels will sink into the sand.

I've also made systems like Beashos out of aluminum or stainless steel tubing and recently bought a longboard mount for my elCheapo fatbike. The mount I bought is well engineered and makes it easy to remove the rack while leaving the mounts behind. Just google longboard bike rack.
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