Author Topic: Wing Board - Slingshot Air Strike 7'8" ?  (Read 2328 times)


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Wing Board - Slingshot Air Strike 7'8" ?
« on: June 27, 2019, 10:58:12 AM »
I posted a similar question in the Foil Surfing section, but since I won't be using the board for foil surfing at all I figured I would post it in the applicable Wing section to see if anyone had insights...

I'm looking into getting my first SUP foil board exclusively for wing foiling and downwind wing foiling. I found a great deal locally on the Slingshot Air Strike 7'8". Do you guys think this would be an adequate board for wing foiling and down winding with the wind wings? I had a chance to examine both the SS Air Strike and the new Fanatic Sky SUP 7'0 next to each other and the Air Strike was surprisingly noticeably lighter. They're both huge however in terms of width and thickness (at least in my eyes). I'm trying to determine if the Air Strike will work just fine and I can save a bunch of money compared to the latest foil SUP's. I weigh 175 for reference.

Another question regarding foil weight. If I was to get the Air Strike board I would likely get the SS Infinity 84 foil setup because I can get a package deal. I've read this is a heavier foil setup than other options (Fanatic, GoFoil). How much will the weight of the foil effect performance for winging? Would I be able to pop-up and ride on the foil in significantly less wind with a lighter foil setup?
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